Avoid Becoming A One-Hit-Wonder By Creating A Book Funnel To Go With Your Best Seller

Vickie Gould      Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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“You should write a book!”


Maybe your friends or family have told you that.  Maybe you told yourself that.


But maybe you’re also thinking, it’s going to take forever and you’re not totally sure what you’d write about because you have a lot of ideas floating through your head.


Or maybe you’re thinking if you’re going to spend all that time on something, it better produce some big result … and you’re not sure how to get that to happen, so you don’t bother to even start putting that book inside your head onto paper.  The procrastination - GAH!


Can I be straight with you?  There’s something about the book coaching and self-publishing industry that drives me crazy.  It allows the perpetuation of the idea that writing a book is going to automatically skyrocket you to success.  


It’s a “do nothing and get something” mentality.


The coveted status is “Best Seller.”  While that’s great and definitely cause for celebration, it’s really the start of something even greater.


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What happens is people end up thinking that JUST getting published or getting to Best Seller is enough and the rest will magically take care of itself.  You’ll become widely known all of the sudden. You’ll get asked to be on TV. Oprah is on her way to your door. NOT.


If you analyze it, there are three big things that will sell your book.  The outside, the inside and the afterwards.


Let me explain.


The outside is the part of the book the public sees before you buy it – the title, the cover, the description, the back of the book, and any online reviews.  Be interesting enough on the outside and people will be willing to pull the cash out of their pocket and buy your book.


The inside is the part of the book where people really get to know you and find out what your expertise is.  This is where you put in the real juicy stuff like your personal journey story, certain marketing elements like seeding, and your tips or your proprietary 5 step formula.  Be interesting enough on the inside and people will recommend your book to their friends, buy a copy of your book as a gift for someone they care about, or better yet, be inspired enough to take the next step to buy one of your signature products.


The afterwards is what most people forget about.  They’re waiting for Oprah to call or to be selected as the next top Forbes 50.  This is where the truth becomes painfully evident that if you have no marketing plan for consistently selling your book after your Best Seller book launch, you might be destined to become a one-hit-wonder.



Enter the book funnel!  THIS solves the problem of how to get people to consistently buy your book and how to really get a true Return On Investment from writing that book.  Hint: your ROI is rarely from royalty payments.


If you created the outside and inside of your book correctly, then the only thing that’s standing in the way of getting consistent clients from your book is getting it into the hands of your ideal client, right?


Think about it, if you could get your book into the hands of 10 ideal clients per month, how many new clients would you get?  


What if you could just keep doubling the amount of people who got your book every subsequent month?  Twenty, then forty, then eighty …. Now how many new clients could you get?


You see, the book funnel is the key to getting your book into the right hands.  It doesn’t matter if you’re offering part of or your entire book for free or paid.  A book funnel is a must to create consistency because it creates an automated process to get your book into the hands of your ideal client (reader) and nurture your relationship.  Then your return on investment is the upsell at the end of your funnel.


Imagine this ideal client journey:  



  1. They see an ad about your book, sharing all the benefits of reading it and maybe you even giving them a few bonuses for buying it. (note: you’re not doing this through Amazon or any retailer because they won’t give you the emails of the people who buy your book)

  2. They buy your book, read it, love it and fall in love with your story and your personality.

  3. They start to wonder as they read, “What would it be like to work with this author?”

  4. You send them emails to nurture your relationship, give them more value, share more about yourself and invite them to join your signature program.

  5. They realize how much you can help them so they decide to get a discovery call with you, or click to buy your signature online program.


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Now imagine your journey:


  1. You create an ad about your book and decide where you’d like to promote it.

  2. You flip the switch and start sending out the ad to your ideal readers (who are also your ideal clients).  They opt in, buy your book and get on your email list.

  3. You write amazing emails that share more about your process, your story and your programs.

  4. You let your book funnel work on automation.

  5. Your funnel invites the reader to a discovery call or to simply enroll in your program (and they say yes).

  6. You wake up to enrollments into your program and cha-ching in your bank account without needing to chase anyone down in the process.


End of story.



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