Why SEO Is Dying

Claudia Pilgrim      Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Disclaimer: I’d like to give some love to the local brick and mortar businesses who are trying to break through and reach their best customers in an “online-always-digitally-connected-mobile-motivated” world.


Local business owner.


You have it all figured out.


Your website is up.


Flyers are printed.


You’re listed on Yelp, The Yellow Pages and have a few social media accounts in the rotation.


But….one thing is missing.

You’re not seeing the flood of customers you thought would come by now.

Yes, you followed everything the books, YouTube videos and podcasts advised.


Yet you’re not making your revenue goals.

You’ve tried, at least once, to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be seen, be found and get noticed online by potential customers.

But instead you lost money and you were left with lackluster results because frankly, Google doesn’t know anything about your business.


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I’m here to change that.

No matter if you’re:


  • a real estate agent (word of advice…build your brand, don’t leave your marketing up to your firm)
  • a restaurateur (where FOH and BOH reeks chaos on your sanity...focus on putting together a customer attraction and retention system) or
  • just starting out with your local biz in the online space (word of caution…don’t practice theory, get great by taking action and staying away from the $2K Shiny Object Syndrome)



It’s time you come to learn about the cornerstone for putting your local business in the revenue ranks.


It’s time for you to learn one of the most dynamic ways to attract your best customer (aka traffic, visitors and leads).


It’s time for you to be the local business authority for your potential customers.


I want you to get ready, and finally become the local business authority for your customers.



Be a searchable business


  • Create your Google My Business entry and include your business name, hours, website, phone number, and address.


Become a recognizable brand


  • Build out your content marketing system that will act as your cheerleading squad for your brand


Make it cookie time! Know who is looking you up and where they are coming from


  • Get Google Analytics installed on your website
  • Create a Facebook Page and install the Facebook Pixel on your website (even if you’re not currently using Facebook)​


Still with me? Cool, let’s continue.

You’re now listed on Google, and you have cookies enabled on your site, but where’s the traffic?


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And how does traffic equal to revenue in your bank account?


If you’re measuring your success based on the number of poster ads you install on the front of a grocery shopping cart, or the latest billboard you rented to promote your location, you’ll have a hard time quantifying the success of those campaigns without a means to measure your success or failures.


By now you might be wondering if SEO is dead.  My answer: No, SEO isn’t dead, but it’s been transformed.


It’s no longer 2010 where you’d write a couple of articles and post them on your website to generate interest. Or put together a few backlinks and overnight you have traffic lining up for your offer.

Instead, SEO has evolved and taken on another form: one of presence and dominance.

SEO requires top of mind awareness in order for your potential customers to even begin to notice you through search engines like Google.

The more Google (and Bing ←that’s for another day) consistently knows about your business, the more online search traffic you can attract, the better your chances of becoming the local business authority.


Let’s look at some case studies and how you can implement becoming a local business authority.


Real Estate Agents

According to the NAR, Millennials make up the largest group of first-time home buyers at 66%, followed by Generation X at 26%.

As an agent, solely depending on door knocking, cold calling or referrals for signing on clients limits your earning potential. Therefore, it’s important to have a content marketing system in place. One that will capitalize on attracting your ideal clients whether it’s millennials looking for luxury real estate or Gen Xers looking for a vacation property.



With a content marketing system, you’ll be able to:

  • Consistently generate leads

  • Automatically boost your brand awareness

  • Build trust with your community, and

  • Develop rapport with people who aren’t yet ready to buy or sell their home


Ultimately, having such a system will close more deals and increase your earnings.



Restaurateurs can use these location based strategies to bring in new and repeat customers:


  • Use the power of social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to increase your online buzz. A Customer Mentions competition, using hashtags, and tagging other patrons will ensure your mobile visibility is in the palm of their hands.
  • Check-ins using apps like Facebook to have customers “check in” when they visit your location increases customer loyalty.
  • Geomarketing (aka Geotargeting) allows specific ads or communications to reach your customers when they’re near your restaurant.


Becoming the local business authority requires patience, persistence and knowing when to ask for help.

Authority is not defined by the number of social media followers you have, but rather how you transform your loyal followers into repeat customers. Afterall, how you position your business can directly impact your profitability.

Not sure if you’re setup for what you need, no problem I can help you here. http://925marketingmixology.com/authorityappt


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