Why custom packaging can make a difference for your funnel

August Grebinski      Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Within 100 milliseconds a consumer’s first impression is made. Along with labeling, packaging is what consumers initially see when making these very important perceptions. When looking at several similar products, packaging can either be the reason why or the reason why not the consumer decides to purchase. Why not use packaging as a benefit instead of a hindrance?


In 2015, the USPS made changes to better reflect the 300% increase in custom packages being sent to consumers*. 'Dimensional Weight Pricing' allows retailers to be charged for the volume, rather then simply the package’s weight, meaning those who choose to innovate will no longer be penalized and forced to pay more for their freight.


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Unboxing videos are a phenomenon. A recent study has shown that 1 in 5 consumers have watched an unboxing video**. Even more important than the ever-growing presence of these videos is the consumer’s reliance on these vloggers reviews. Online reviews consistently prove to be a determining factor in consumer buying with a recent study showing 88% of consumer trust them***.


Custom packaging is more than just branding. Creating an optimal size box allows the product to have better protection. A recent study shows that consumers want the most, with 80% saying the protection of their item is the most important aspect of packing while just 11% have been completely satisfied with their packaging experiences to date****. Simply put, packaging is a tremendous opportunity to create a unique and memorable purchasing experience.



Custom packing means better branding, happier customers and increased perceived value which translates to more sales and loyal consumers. Custom packaging is worth it. Letting this shot at strengthening your brand slide could also potentially cost more than making the minimal investment in packing, especially if there is a mishap with a customer who is active on social media.


At Mel Printing and Fulfillment, we have the knowledge and technology to create a super-efficient packaging solution. Let us help you develop custom packaging for your product. We work with clients from the ground up building the most practical solution. We also offer a turn-key fulfillment solution as well as managing the supply chain for your product or products. Dealing with a direct manufacturer with a supply chain solution as well as complete fulfilment capabilities has many advantages including speed to market and cost efficiencies.  Why pay to have multiple products sent to one location only to have it shipped out to your customer? Getting the lowest cost on all products doesn’t always make the most sense. There’s also the value in having one point of contact. How many times do multiple vendors end up pointing fingers at each other when something goes wrong? In the end, the only person suffering is your customer and ultimately, your business.



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