Why Buyer Persona Is Important For Sales Funnel

Rahil Joshi      Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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Out of the methodologies used for sales, an important factor is buyer persona, which is nothing but a fictional ID of the ideal customer. The ID or persona will have those qualities that make up a buyer’s personality or an ideal buyer. It generalizes that that particular ID or persona has certain qualities or preferences, based on which shopping is done.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is a revenue generation process that is created by seller or companies. It is basically a customer journey roadmap for the sale.


About Buyer Persona

A business can have just one or two personas or it can have as many as ten or twenty. Make your buyer persona strong by creating it using insight and market research information for actual customers.

Here are the reasons that buyer persona is important:


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Use It to Attract Customers and Increase Brand Awareness

The reason buyer personas are so important for spreading awareness about a brand and popularizing it is because they give a deep understanding of the needs of the real buyer. Using such insight, you can carry out many types of product or service activities with ease. For example, the persona will help determine exactly what type of content should be posted about a brand in its site, blog, article directory, forum posts, etc. If you already have a product that is gaining sales in the market, but want to enhance it further, buyer persona helps in product development activities. It gives further insight into what the buyer is likely to want more from a product so that you can improve upon it and cater to their needs.



Find Out Customer Needs Precisely

One of the key reasons to opt for buyer persona is that it helps you easily find out about your customer’s needs. When you identify them precisely, it is easy to implement steps that help cater to them. By satisfying customers according to their precise expectations, what your brand gains is customer loyalty and it impresses on their minds as one that takes care of their needs through its products or services.



Developed Products with Enhanced Features

Another thing that must be noted is that buyer persona can be used to develop products with much enhanced capabilities than what you are providing currently. This is because you can use it to determine the effectiveness of your product in solving customer problems. For example, if cleaning liquid is your product, use the persona to learn about how strong the liquid is in giving the cleanliness that consumers seek when using it on the floor.  

There might be enhancements that can be made to the ingredients to make it a more powerful cleaning liquid, yet one that does not show any effect on the skin when used. Hence buyer persona helps to constantly improve upon product features so that the product caters to consumer needs accurately, which in turn evolves and strengthens your relationship with them.


Learn Which Mediums of Customer Outreach Are the Best

Today the key to online business success is finding out how to best reach out to customers while they surf the net on their desktops as well as through mobile devices.  With a buyer persona, you can find out details like this and more. You will learn which spaces on the internet they frequent the most so that you can reach out to them here, best ways to market your business on the internet, what kind of content that will attract them fast and much more.



Use Buyer Persona to Target Different Types of Customers

It is possible to create different types of buyer persona, each with specific qualities and use it to target a set of buyers. For example, you can create content for a persona and post it in various blogs or article directories. This content will target a specific audience. Likewise, you can do the same using another persona, which targets another type of buyer.  Using persona this way enables your brand can reach out to consumers of different needs and ages.


Use It to Implement Language and Tone Consistency  

With a persona in place, you can implement consistency in the use of language and content style across all marketing campaigns, thus bringing uniformity into it. When you know that a specific language and tone of giving information works, implement it across campaigns so that you gain higher sales.


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