What You Need to Know and Understand About the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factor

Delilah Cordova      Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Think about the last online purchase you made, or the last downloadable report you subscribed to. My hunch is you knew them, liked them, and starting to trust them. Take your time to build your Know, Like, and Trust factors before trying to Sell, Sell, Sell. The key to success is to create an audience that knows, likes and trusts you on today’s social media.


Generating more likes, comments, and shares on your social media posts help increase your visibility on social media. BUT to drive more engagement on your social media, you need to find a way to attract highly qualified followers that will be more than happy to participate with your content and buy your products/ services. 


I hear you saying “HOW? do I do this?” By establishing AWARENESS of your brand, services, and products. In a NON-SALESY fashion, preferably. Enticing your potential followers to want to learn more about you is the new way to get fresh leads. Everyone is over the days of “Learn more”, “Buy this”, “Download that”.


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Set yourself apart by becoming a leader and provide information to others that qualifies you as an expert in your industry.   You must learn the art of becoming alluring to the people who are looking for you and speak directly to their “pain points”. Unfortunately, for all of us shy, introverts becoming a leader and actually communicating with people can be quite daunting.


BUT we are in the age of the social media influencers and as Facebook continues to dominate and grow our businesses are becoming our faces and less our logos. As you know,  ”word of mouth”is the primary factor behind a majority of purchasing decisions. The best word of mouth on the internet today is with an influencer who has a great active audience. Please do be wary, just because an influencer shows a million followers does not actually mean anything if they are inactive and do not engage.


This humanization of our businesses will require you to become a social butterfly and lots of confidence to get out there and spread the word through live streaming and interviews. You must demonstrate social proof and entertain your audience in order to retain competitiveness in your market.



People will tell you… it's all about your graphics or your content, but in reality you can ascertain that people are making the sales and gaining the clients with horrible graphics and content. WHY? Because they have set themselves as an expert with their personality in the mind of their ideal audience.


In return for their efforts, their audience overlooks this shortcoming. Their audience knows, likes, and trusts them! My mentor Michael Losier teaches to his audience, perform live stream weekly shows that incorporate these methods to an audience that knows him, likes his personality, and trusts that he knows what he is selling with proof of success.


This has proved to be the best method  in generating a hot and ready audience who are quick to purchase whatever you are selling.


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See these tips:

  • Engage in groups, communities, and forums and provide VALUE!
  • Find others or even influencers to help you spread your message.
  • Consistently engage your following with thoughtful and creative topics and questions.
  • Make people think!
  • Be active every day!
  • Set your voice for your style of value giving.
  • Create your own community using Facebook and Linkedin groups


Finding followers may not be enough to get them in the door, but  spending the time to  develop awareness and becoming a familiar face will CONVERT followers into becoming customers. Since most businesses have greater success with long-term strategies, they can benefit from a marketing company’s ongoing advice.


What are YOU doing so your audience can KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you?