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Hawk Mikado      Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Hey, this is Hawk Mikado, publisher of Funnel Magazine and I have a special message for you. First of all, thank you so much for choosing to read Funnel Magazine and getting our very first edition. This publication is truly something special, just for you as our reader and we want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of building, creating, and expanding your funnels.


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The things you’re going to read in our magazine, and every edition following, are going to give you some powerful ideas. What I want you to know and I want you to take each one of them with a grain of salt because as you read them, know that they work for the person that is currently using them. It’s working in that industry, in that niche, for those people’s clients.

That doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you, but that also doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work for you. I want you to take each one of these concepts and ask yourself one simple question. Is this going to work for my company and me? If you think it will, then I want you to take it, and I want you to run with it. I want you to take the idea and split test the shit out of it because as long 
as you’re split testing, you can never go wrong.


As you read the magazine, you can use the strategies, tactics, and tools as you design, split test, and increase your conversions with your funnel. 

If you decrease your conversions, you’re going to throw that idea out the window and try the next thing. If you increase it, you’re going to throw out whatever was there before and try something new and see if you can start to increase the conversions from that point forward.



Again, thank you so much for reading our magazine. I want to share with you I truly appreciate you. I believe in my heart that you have made an incredible decision to change your life, to change your business, and to get real results by modeling what successful people in your industry and other industries are currently doing.

One other final thought. One of the best things that you can do is take ideas from other industries and apply them to your own business because some of the best things that we’ve ever implemented have come from other people’s companies from industries that we would never have thought would have worked in our situation.

As long as you’re testing, as long as you’re growing, and as long as you are developing funnels, you’ll be able to continue to succeed and continue 
to rise, make millions, and be world class.

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