Warm ‘Em Up & Weed ‘Em Out

Darryl Turner      Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Many times in our own marketing, or the marketing for our clients, we get so focused on getting the lead, or making the sale, sometimes we forget that decisions aren’t made so quickly. It’s very easy to create direct response ads to try and run traffic to the perfect site, or the perfect funnel, with the perfect sales copy. But, sometimes we need to remember the context of our marketing, and sometimes you just need to warm the prospects up, or at the least weed them out. Here’s a shift in mindset & strategy that should help your marketing efforts.


We hear this all the time, marketing is like dating, you’re not supposed to ask for marriage on the first night. Yet we do that in our advertising all the time. We spend very little time wining & dining our prospects, and focus so much energy on getting them to say yes on the first click. If we can step back and make sure to warm our audience up to what we have, who we are, or what we’re about, we have a great chance of sealing the deal.


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There are several ways you can warm up an audience, all of which work in the right context. Free video content, free opt in content, awareness ads, or just stacking your ads in layers, so you know who’s interested. Here’s a quick list of ideas you can use to warm up an audience before you send them an offer:


  • An ‘About Us’ Video

  • Awareness style video, with no specific sales message

  • A blog post related to the product or service you’re trying to sell

  • A testimonial from a previous or current customer

  • A walkthrough of your service or tour of your building



Those are just a few ideas to get you started. Take advantage of retargeting and now pitch your products and services to people who have first interacted with something else. It’s not uncommon to see your click through rates (CTR) double when you make sure to warm up your audience first. Ultimately, you’re trying to find the people who may want what you have to sell. This leads to the next point, you may need to weed them out.


In pay per click marketing, whether it be on Facebook or Google, it can be pretty easy to try and cast as wide a net as possible to get the most people into our funnels. But, sometimes you just need to weed prospects out. Consider this mindset shift - if you are paying per click on your ads, then the goal should actually be to get the least amount of clicks possible. What you actually want is the lowest cost of the right people. With this idea, you’re creating top of funnel ads that only your ideal prospect will click on, and focus more of your energy on retargeting. The goal isn’t to make a sale or capture the lead outright, but to separate your ideal prospects from the rest of the general market. From there, take advantage of retargeting, and really focus your sales efforts.


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These are just 2 shifts in your marketing approach that you may have not used, or forgotten along the way. Have they worked for you? Leave a comment down below with your experience using these ideas.


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