Transform Your Marketing with the Correct Headings

Terri Levine      Monday, February 13, 2017

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An essential part of your marketing success is getting people to value your marketing message. If it is an ad, web copy or an article, you need to get the balance of using appropriate keywords just right. Too few and you are going to be overlooked in web searches; too much, and the search engines will ignore you. The key is in the planning.

Not only do you need to use keywords in your copy, you have to find appropriate ways to include them in your headings. In fact, the best places for keywords is in your in your titles in addition to the first paragraph. It's the simplest and least difficult and least complicated method of attracting an increased position in the search engines.


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The key to successful title writing is to work with words that folks will use in web searches to find you. The problem is many writers still seem to prefer using ingenious} or nonsensical headings that might be creative but they have zero search engine optimization value.

I'm not saying you should never use clever titles and headings - just that you mustn't use them on a regular basis at the cost of SEO. After all, why have you written the article, blog or web post?

For your own personal entertainment? No. You are out to entice the attention of traffic. Exactly how are they going to find you? Through a web search. If someone is looking for what you sell, they won't find you in a web search unless the search conditions are in your copy headings.



Consider the search words your prospective customers will use when looking for the product or service you sell. In the event you sell coaching services, for instance, your potential customer would use the term Coach or training, instruction or mentoring} in their search, and moreover}, they might refine their web search by specifically searching for a Lifestyle|Coach, or marketing mentor}, or small business trainer.

So if you wish to be found by them, you will need to include those terms in your copy and headings. Many times, people are specific when doing web searches. Let's imagine I am a runner, I am more likely to look up joggers, or even Nike joggers for example, as opposed to "shoes". Get the picture? 



The search engines will deliver sites to me that includes my search conditions in the title or first paragraph of my writing- and those businesses could possibly then find me. Having said all of that, I realize sometimes it isn't possible to make a great heading that also includes your keywords.

For one thing, it may not make sense to include them in your particular heading choice, and for another, it might be too long. It is never a good idea to stuff your titles with keywords just for SEO purposes and doing so can backfire. Search engines are worried about heavily keyword laden titles and articles as are readers. You don't want to sound spammy or heavy handed. Don't just pick the first words that pop into your mind - play with it. 

This is important. Believe of it as a potential income earner - get it right and you'll attract customers and make money. Keep your heading a fair length, not too long, not excessively laden with keywords, however, not devoid of them either. Write your headings with your readership in mind... what will they type} their search engine to find you... then give it to them!