Three Tips on how you can use ClickFunnels effectively starting today

John Chandler      Friday, April 13, 2018

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If you are on the lookout for a landing page builder, you have probably come across a few. Some to mention are LeadPages, Unbounce and ClickFunnels.

If you think ClickFunnels is just another landing page builder, you are wrong! ClickFunnels is far from that.

ClickFunnels allows you to build your entire funnel, from one interface. One tool. One price.

But in the digital marketing communities, I see a lot of people asking how ClickFunnels can help them build a winning funnel.

In this article, I will explain 3 ways you should be using ClickFunnels to help you create a winner.

1. Look at examples which were built on ClickFunnels before building your own.

I see a lot of business owners design their own landing pages and the biggest problem I see with them is they are simply not optimized for conversions.

There are two ways you can find examples of landing pages built in ClickFunnels.

a. By becoming a member and asking others in the ClickFunnels Facebook Group – This is by far one of the best ways to see what others are doing with their businesses.

It also opens you up to seeing how a lot of marketing professionals and agencies are building funnels for their clients. ClickFunnels has a very active and supportive community.

By posting in their Facebook group and asking to see others examples, there is no doubt you will get a good number of responses within a few hours!

Here is a link to join the official ClickFunnels Facebook group:


Searching Google for funnels built in ClickFunnels – Another way I find inspiration for landing pages, is by using Google site search coupled with a keyword to find other pages in my niche built on ClickFunnels! Here’s how:

Simply go to and in the search bar type and add your keyword after it, to find pages built in ClickFunnels, matching the keyword you entered. Here is an example:


2. Make sure you are split-testing everything where possible!

This is an important one. Whenever a client comes to us and explains that they have been building their own funnel, we almost always notice that they have not used the split-test function and if they have, they haven’t been using it correctly.

The idea of split-testing is to optimize your page and see what does and/or doesn’t work. A split-test is a v2 of your page and you can determine the % of traffic you would like to send to it.

In general, a 50% / 50% split is best for measuring the statistics to find the winning variant.


When we see people split-testing, they normally change a few elements on v2 of the page and run with it. Please DO NOT do this.

If you make too many changes v2 could be the champion, but you changed various elements which means you would never know what really made the difference.

Instead, just change one element on the page. It could be the headline text or the color of a button on the page, but just change one.

After this, you need to allow a good number of visitors to visit v2 before deciding if it is a winner.

Once you have had a healthy number of visitors pass through both variations of your page, you will then be able to measure and decide which is the champion.

ClickFunnels provides a very easy way to setup a split-test and an easy way to see the stats and winning variant.

3. Make sure you have a funnel and not just a sales page.

This one is common. We see this a lot. We see people posting in communities asking why their funnel isn’t working and most of the time it is because all they have is a sales page and a thank you page.


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The problem with this is that they are running a cold traffic ad to these pages and the audience does not know their business or brand.

When we start building a funnel for a client whose brand is not well known by their audience, we build a funnel to help establish a relationship with their audience first.

This is done by using content driven and relevant information that is given or distributed to the audience first. This is known as giving instant, up front value to your audience at no cost to them.

For them to obtain this information, you would generally ask them to opt-in with their email address in exchange for the valuable information.

After completing this step, you can then deliver content focused emails to your audience. These can be blog posts, case-studies etc.

This is a great way of engaging with your audience and building their trust. It helps them grow their intent to purchase with you.

Just by adding that step, you are already making your funnel bigger and not only that, you are making it better.

The reason the above works in many scenarios is because you cannot expect cold visitors coming to your landing page to spend money with you if they have never heard of your product before.



By using ClickFunnels, you can build a multi-step funnel starting with what we call a “Lead Magnet” – this is a piece of valuable, relevant content which is offered to your audience in exchange for their email address.

ClickFunnels also offers an autoresponder and email marketing platform called Actionetics.

Using this tool, you will be able to easily follow up with your leads and deliver content driven emails to them including blog posts, case studies and more.

Once you have built a good relationship and engagement with your audience, you will then be able to start offering them your product as they will be more aware of your brand and business.

These are 3 simple ways you can make ClickFunnels work for your business. If you have not tried ClickFunnels before, you should sign up for their 14-day free trial.

On top of this, to get the most of the 14-day free trial, make sure to check out our free video training on building your first funnel with ClickFunnels to help you get going fast and make ClickFunnels work for you.


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