There Is A Game For Every Value Ladder!

Julia Antufjew      Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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“The secret to winning starts and ends with games.” Benjamin Bressington


Imagine an audience opening all your daily emails for 113 days in a row, maybe even a year, engaging with these emails, writing blog posts about them, while experiencing a high value personal transformation, thanking you for this transformation, learning your products, ascending your value ladder and bringing in friends. 


Now wake up for a second and let’s go back to the basics. Do you remember the very first step in funnel building, the Value Ladder? First we build a Value Ladder, then we frame it into a Network of Funnels, after which we try to get people into our system of Funnel Networks. 



A classic Value Ladder starts with a freebie, also called a Lead Magnet. We provide value to our audience for free; establishing trust, attempting to ascend our audience to the top of our Value Ladder. Designing a Value Ladder itself is an intricate but rather simple task for a seasoned entrepreneur.


Developing a Funnel Network around it – as well. The challenging part is – continuous, long lasting, value generating and meaningful Audience Engagement. As for Audience Engagement, it is the Chemical X, the driving force, and the philosopher’s stone, all-in-one, of any project, whether commercial or non-profit. 


And when I am thinking ‘engagement’, what comes to my mind is ‘The Grand Cause’, ‘The Ultimate Purpose’, something worthwhile engaging in for a prolonged period of time. So when we started thinking about our Lead Magnet, I was not willing to settle for anything less than something worthwhile to engage for. Not opting in for! Worthwhile engaging for!



Instead of giving our audience some informational freebies or a free plus shipping offer, we opted in for a transformational ‘world of customer experience’. It should be:


  1. Some kind of transformational experience for our audience, 
  2. Offering high value free of charge, 
  3. Through an extended period of time (minimum three, but preferably 12 months), 
  4. Allowing for daily engagement without looking pushy or salesy, 
  5. And allowing for seamless and delicate integration of our Core Fashion Product as well as our full Value Ladder into the very body of the transformational experience. 


How is that for a Christmas wish? Think for a second, what environment allows for all these components to coexist peacefully and synergistically?


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Breathe in. Breathe out. Here it comes! – A GAME! I am a physical product girl, a manufacturer. You see me selling a garment – no need to guess, I’ve certainly made it.


So once our Core Fashion Product was ready to go, we decided to design a game around it and offer this transformational experience as our Lead Magnet to our audience.


Our product is in the fitness / weight management category, therefore the game has been built around my personal transformational experience with our product. 



Currently my fitness game:

  1. Helps our audience to achieve their fitness goals [transformational high value experience], 
  2. Is free of charge for the core audience [high value free of charge], 
  3. Lasts for 113 days [extended period of time], 
  4. Includes daily game related email communication [daily engagement], 
  5. Has our Core Fashion Product as the central game tool [seamless and delicate integration of Core Fashion Product as well as Value Ladder into the body of the game].


The great news is: There is a game for every value ladder! Any kind of transformation and/or learning is suitable for gamification: fitness transformation, spiritual transformation, beauty transformation, relationship transformation, learning transformation such as acquiring a new skill. 


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Do you have a kitchen supplies online store? How about a game where you teach people how to become a great chef, including daily assignments, blogging incentives, with your products smoothly integrated into the body of transformation? The game lasts six months with 6 difficulty levels or levels of ascension. 


Too much work? Like what kind of work? Value Ladder, Funnel Networks, Indoctrination email series, Seinfeld email series? You will need to build and write them anyway. Why not leverage a framework of a transformational game, which makes development of all components very intuitive, streamlined, content rich and fun?


Someone who enters your game to learn cooking will stick to your program for the length of it, open your emails, engage with them, write blog posts about it, make pictures of dishes she’s learned to make, purchase all your portfolio and bring her best friends on-board.



Here are 13 basic steps which will help you to start with gamification of your value ladder. 


Step 1: Decide on the type of transformational experience that is best suited for a) your personality (you will have to run through this transformation ahead of your audience) and b) your existing Value Ladder.


Step 2: Decide on the Final Goal of Transformation.


Step 3: Divide the whole transformation process into six parts or levels. Why six? Because six is a good number. Define the sub-goals of these six levels. Make sure that each sub-goal brings one closer to the Final Goal.


Step 4: Decide which products from your Value Ladder will be used on which game levels.  



Step 5: Start a blog. Embark on the level ONE of your own game play and start blogging about your steps, progress, experience with products and results daily. This is a very important part, because your blog will become your game content and Seinfeld email series in the future. If you want to see my blog as a reference – PM me on Facebook. 


Step 6: Blog daily. Share your blog on all social media you are working with and more. 


Step 7: At the moment when you have mastered your own level THREE – start filling in your game play in the Membership site of ClickFunnels. This is the time when you distill the rules of the game and its incentives.



Step 8: Set up Action Funnels for daily Seinfeld series in ClickFunnels Actionetics. Use your blog posts for both: the content of the game in the Membership site and the email series. Make sure you embed your products into the communication. At the same time, make sure your members are able to go through your game without a purchase as well. Members can succeed without your products, but they will be way more successful and happy with your products. This is the main line of thought.


Step 9: Integrate your products into the levels, either with BUY button to your Shopify store or with a BUY button to a corresponding funnel set up in ClickFunnels. 


Step 10: Set up a closed FB members group.


Step 11: Invite your list to embark into the game. 


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Step 12: Make sure all your members set up a blog (as a game rule), where they document their experience and share their posts in your closed members’ group on FB.


Step 13: While members are joining and playing, continue with your own transformational experience up to the level SIX, up to the Final Goal of Transformation.


We still have other strategies running next to the gamification strategy. However one thing is sure: Nothing beats the feeling of playing a game, only flying… maybe.


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