The Three Point Conversion Used For The Most Profitable Launches In The Industry

Claudia Pilgrim      Sunday, February 11, 2018

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Digital entrepreneurs the countdown has begun and the buzz of launch season is in the air. For some this is a time of overwhelm with the details that go into creating a well-executed launch. But for the elite insiders this is a time to work on refining their three-point conversion launch plan.


Up until now only the most elite and savvy entrepreneurs have had access to this insider knowledge. Over the past 4 years I’ve worked in and studied over $3.7 million dollars ($3,786,557.78 to be exact) worth of the most sophisticated and skillfully executed launches in online marketing.


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What I came away with has produced: The Most Profitable Launches In The Industry! Here I’d like to let you in on the insights and actions you can take to outperform on your next launch.


POINT #1 //Curate Your Team Of Experts//


Insight: Launch veteran entrepreneurs know the value of the team that supports their launch. They know they key players required to make an “A List” of experts. Putting together a team of launch experts to build out the dance sequence known as the product launch strategy, some of the team members to include:



• Paid Ads Expert

• Tech Expert

• Launch Copywriter

• Graphics Designer

• Social Media Manager

• Launch Manager

• Customer Support


Action: Where most launches fall short is not in the technology or even the targeting but instead they miss out on conversion-focused copy. What is conversion-focused copy?

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Conversion-focused copy leverages the awareness level of your customers in order to position your offer for higher sales conversion.  If you don’t know which type of customer your message should speak to then it’s time to bring in a copywriter who is able to represent your brand and convey your message to each different type of customer which would buy your offer.


POINT #2 //Know Your Points Of Conversion//


Insight: Here’s an actual example of a recent launch where ads were being tested through Facebook posts. This well-known digital marketer was testing different market demographics and ages with this offer (i.e. “widgets” going forward). Post #1 (Monday) offered the orange widget and received a lot of interaction in the form of comments from the women. Post #2 (Wednesday) offered the orange widget but with updated messaging and changed to more directly engage the men.



This split test for the same widget was differentiated by gender resulted in twice as many more women verses men and a 3% increase in click thru rate. In another example pre-launch and launch content was tracked and tagged (see the figure below) from a Facebook ads campaign.


The info product entrepreneur was able to know which split test performed best by using tracking codes throughout the micro commitments in the campaign. Action: Segment your campaign with your version of the widget and pay attention to the demographic data you’ll see inside of Facebook to optimize your conversions. Track your campaign performance using tags and tracking codes.


Figure 1 Launch Funnel Flow and Points of Conversion

Figure 1 Launch Funnel Flow and Points of Conversion


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Thursday, April 18, 2019


POINT #3 //Craft A Compelling Story Series//


According to Statista, emails with personalized content had an open rate of more than 17%. Are your wondering if your emails are telling the right stories? Find out at


Insight:  Email sequences conveyed stories. As part of the launch the stories were personable and built relationships which allowed the audience to better engage and trust with the entrepreneur.


Figure 2 Andre Chaperon Tells Compelling Stories in Series Emails



Action:  Take a look at the emails you’re sending. If they’re based off of generic templates you need to revisit and find a story you can tell. As human beings we retain stories better than facts and numbers; a double-win would be to combine the facts and numbers for your niche into a compelling and relatable story.


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