The Stupidly Simple Design Tweak That Instantly Unlocks Hidden Conversion On Any Funnel Type

Gary White      Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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You know that longtime Internet Marketing cliché right?

Ugly sales pages convert better…

It’s something which has always frustrated me as a funnel builder because those typically ‘‘Internet Marketing-esque’’ long white pages with bright red headlines and highlighted text (you know the ones) always lack two things:

Trust and credibility.

Now that funnels are being used more widely online, beyond just the Internet Marketing space, I was certain visitors from more mainstream niches would respond better to a more accomplished page design, layout and UI (User Interface).

Yet split test after split test came back and the ugly page always seemed to outperform its better dressed rival.


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It was like the scruffy man off the street always taking home the hot date, while the well dressed bachelor in the tuxedo was left leaving the party alone.

Something didn’t quite add up.

When you broaden your horizons and look beyond the world of funnels, companies like


Stripe use beautifully designed pages and some of the most intuitive user interfaces.

Stripe has grown from nothing in just 7 years and is now valued at $5 billion dollars! So it’s safe to say they have done a fair amount of conversion optimization on their site in the process.

So what did they know that as funnel builders we didn’t?

The answer lies not with testing if an orange button with slightly rounded edges converts better than one with a colour gradient background. It comes down to something far more fundamental, and far more simple.


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Who is actually seeing your page?

Let me explain…

If you’ve got Google Analytics setup on your funnel (and if you don’t, you should) then you’ll be able to see how many people actually leave your page before it’s fully loaded. If you haven’t yet tracked that number on your landing page, then it may just surprise you. Because the truth is, the reason those beautifully designed pages with dozens of images and gradient backgrounds get annihilated on every split test, even though they have greater brand consistency isn’t that they fail to resonate with your audience.

It’s far more likely that from a technical standpoint due to how long it takes for your page to load. The visitor, the potential lead/customer/advocate of your business didn’t get to experience your page for what it really was. Potentially costing that relationship indefinitely.

Think about it like this…

If you have a squeeze page with white headline text overlaid on a dark full page background image, it probably looks strikingly stunning when fully loaded and that is good. But if the background image takes 5 seconds to load and all your visitor sees when they click from your ad to your landing page is white text camouflaged against the white background of the page before the image fully loads, then they’re going immediately think your page is spammy or broken and reach straight for the browser back button.



What’s even worse is you just paid Zuckerberg for that click! Think how many times a day this could be happening. The real reason the ugly ‘Internet Marketing-esque’ pages are still converting better is not because they resonate with 2018’s tech savvy web users - far from it… It’s because the minimal amount of code on those pages allows them to load much faster, avoiding losing people down the cracks.

Lightbulb moment..? But it’s clear that well designed pages like ooze credibility (Would you trust Stripe with your online payments if their website looked like one of those ugly ‘Internet Marketing-esque’ pages? Most likely you would rather take your business elsewhere…) So how do we leverage stylish design and UI which truly represents our brand and conveys trust to our target audience, while still ensuring they actually see the page?

Luckily there’s one really simple tweak you can make right now to speed up any squeeze page, landing page or order form on any funnel and in any industry. It takes less than five minutes to do and could easily result in almost doubling your conversion rates.

So like any good optimizer, you need a benchmark to start off from… First up, head over to

Note: Other page speed tests are available. Here you can test the current speed and rating of your pages. Simply type in the URL and


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hit the ‘analyze’ button.

PRO TIP: If you’re pasting your URL from ClickFunnels, make sure to copy the Page

Variation URL to avoid any potential redirects which can make your page appear slower than it actually is. You can find your Page Variation URL (the actual URL of the page that is shown in the visitors browser) by clicking the gear icon under the Page Preview Image on the Funnel Step.

Google will score your page load time out of 100 for both desktop and mobile and provide recommendations for possible optimizations that will prevent a slow user experience.

9 times out of 10, your top recommendation will be to optimize your images.


Simply compressing (and resizing if needed) images on any page on your funnel can shave seconds off the load time which means they are displayed to your visitors faster, meaning they get to see your brand for what it really is and are therefore much more likely to take the desired action on the page.

Ok, now that you’ve isolated the ailment, it’s time to remedy the cure.

Next head over to (there’s a tab for JPEG images too) and click


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the ‘upload files’ button. Select the image files from your computer and the site will automatically begin compressing those images. You can even upload all of your images at once to speed things up. Once completed, the site will give you a reduction percentage for each image and the ability to download the newly compressed image back onto your computer. You then head back over to your funnel building software and replace your existing images with their newly compressed (and much smaller in file size) clones.

This will reduce the overall file size of your page drastically. Finally head back over to and run another speed test. You’ll now see a dramatic increase in your page load score and more importantly, a substantial lift in your funnel conversion rate. The myth that ugly sales pages convert better has been prevalent long enough. By using this small tweak on your pages you no longer have to choose between a well designed brand that creates trust with your prospect or a high performing funnel.

You can have your funnel cake, and eat it too.


Gary White is Chief Junkie & Founder of Funnel Junkies. Discover more about him, and what he does, just click HERE.


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