The Sales of Social Proof

Ken Rochon      Friday, May 4, 2018

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Have you ever done a search for where you are going to eat on Yelp? Or purchased something on Amazon and made a decision on the amount of stars instead of the price? Or bought a book because everyone is talking about it? Perhaps someone you admire is holding the book in their hand with the author or they wrote a testimonial on their social media page.


We are living in a credible and critical time for proving you are the one to work with. Having the most social proof, will give you an edge that is difficult to compete with.


Here are some tips to make sales with social proof:


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1. Turn on the reviews on your business pages (Facebook, Amazon, etc.)

2. Have your family, friends, employees, sub-contractors write reviews on your character

3. Have your best clients and most influential clients write reviews and as a bonus meet them and get a video review. Use

4. Start your sales presentation off with have you seen our reviews?

5. Ask your prospect how you would earn a 5 star review when you work with them

6. Go to and look for top events you can attend. If you purchase tickets through this site, you are guaranteed the lowest price and you get a photographer that will get your social proof pictures as an added value to your ticket purchase.



7. If you don’t have a book, and you want to be considered an expert, start writing down your ideas and contact and they will help you get your book done in a very short time. Their system works!

8. Carry your book with you and as often as possible give it to influencers and prospects as a gift. If appropriate, get photos with the person you are gifting the book to so you can remind yourself to follow up and send them a copy. They are also reminded to give the book a glance and connect with you.

9. Want to get reviews, then write them. If you can set up a time each morning to write a review, this will be a great exercise in gratitude. Share your review and tag the person if possible.

10. Give thanks to every review, and comment your appreciation. Then share your review as a post.

11. Whenever your business volunteers to help a non-profit, or cause or community, make a request immediately following the event or help you provided, and send the link to your business page on Facebook so they can share their gratitude. This is not an exercise in being acknowledged, this is an exercise in being committed to your social proof and your desire to do good.

12. Invite influencers and prospects to events you are attending, and they will appreciate you more for the gesture even if they can’t attend. And if they can, make sure you get wonderful photos to share during the event and after.


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These tips will dramatically increase your conversion, your opportunities and most of all your value proposition. In other words, you will be able to raise your prices because you have proof you are the best, and that means you can work less and meet less prospects because they want to work with you a lot more.


Being an influencer is the product of having the highest social proof. So be relentless in making sure you are going to the best events and capturing the experience you are part of.  


Here are some sample reviews to socially prove how impact causes gratitude and more impact.


Keep Smiling!


Ken Rochon

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