The Resilient Mindset

Ajit Shrivastva      Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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Resilience is a quality that you need at every single step in your life whether you are a Leader, an entrepreneur, professional or even in your personal life. Resilience shows you the way to bounce back with extra energy and teaches you to adapt to situations. There are several examples in the business world where we have seen that successful people have fallen at a certain point of time in their professional life.


We find one thing common, however, namely that every successful person who has fallen in his live has tried to look deep into “WHY” it happened and WHAT he/she could have done to avoid it. Then they have bounced back, learning from the experience rather than being discouraged by it. This is called resilience.



One of my client Pierre-Frederic Roy, had started his Industrial and Interior Design business called “Clinic Design”. Going deeper into conversation I was startled to find out that just a year ago Pierre had filed for bankruptcy. He had no wrinkle on his face about it, but sounded genuinely confident about his new business. I realized that his falling the first time has made him stronger and better prepared to succeed.


The above is what I call “The Resilient Mindset”. I like to look at falling as a great way to learning and finding the path to success.


Some of us are naturally more resilient than others, for different reasons. Who could teach us resilience? Believe it or not, the best teachers in resilience (as in virtually everything) are kids.



When I think of resilience, one thing pops up in my mind immediately: my son learning to ice-skate, falling down. He wants to move forward so he gets up and tries to move ahead. Sometimes he asks for help from me and sometimes he controls himself and moves ahead on his own. He gets up and moves ahead because he is determined to learn to skate. I always think of this example when I fall and I feel inspired by my son's determination fuelling his resilience.


Any individual, professional or entrepreneur can achieve success if one demonstrates determination to be resilient. As in skating, falling helps is learn how to control our movements, how to balance the weight. Falling is a prerequisite for learning, not a failure.


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Yes, but every fall costs us time and energy, you may say. How can we sustain resilience facing potentially numerous falls? Let us remember again the child learning to skate.


What does a child need to skate? First, one needs desire and determination to skate. Then, one needs the tools such as skates, a skate guard, a helmet, an elbow guard, and a smooth surface to glide on. Finally, one needs an adult (a coach or metor) to help him deal with the falls, cheer him on and guide him towards success.  


Similarly, as an entrepreneur, you first need to believe in your idea or business. Start a business for something that you love and have passion for, otherwise you may lose you desire to bounce back after the first fall. You will need to have the right tools and people to run the business. Finally, it would be a good idea to find a business coach or mentor to help you learn from the falls, celebrate your success with guide you along the path.



Despite having all the ideas aligned very often entrepreneurs fail to run and sustain their business in the way they have imagined. In the Resilient Mindset Series, we will share our experience on how to build and sustain a resilient mindset.


To be continued...


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The Resilient Mindset

Wednesday, January 31, 2018