The Magic of Mindset

Seth Greene      Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Every geometric explosion in my businesses sales has come not from learning a new traffic or conversion hack, but by growing myself as a person. Who you are affects how well what you do works. When I work on myself, magically my business goes to the next level.


The reverse is also true. If you live in Fear, that fear will manifest itself.  Ads won't work. Prospects won't convert. Clients won't pay. Technical issues will keep happening. It's a vicious negative spiral. Ask me how I know.


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We had a Facebook ad campaign and funnel that were not generating results for a client. We tried 247 different split tests, and optimized the campus and the funnel based on that data, and still had no luck.  I was living in fear that the client would fire us, and we would lose their significant monthly contract.


That weekend I listened to the recording of an interview with an incredible entrepreneur who had overcome more adversity than I was under. I read the book the Four Dollar Sandwich by Dr. Corey Malnikof (which is the first book we include in our cutting-edge marketing mastermind box), and did some of the exercises in the book.


And I spent time with my wife and three kids, fully engaged in their activities. Spending time with my family distracted me from the work stress, and allowed my brain to relax and recharge.



The interview and the book expanded my mindset, and got me out of fear and into inspired certainty. Come Monday morning I walked into the office to find the funnel had magically started generating leads, and the client was much happier.


In fact, he had a list of additional items he wanted to know if we could work on, including one that led to the creation of a new service that we can offer to clients in other cities that will add a significant amount of new monthly revenue.


Plus, prospects who had been thinking it over for months were magically ready to finally hire us, so even If the client had let us go, the revenue was already replaced.


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I have seen this pattern repeatedly in my business. As Tony Robbins says, “When you're nervous get into service.”  When you work on yourself, everything else works better. Stop worrying about keeping up with the latest Facebook ads course or software and instead start working on yourself.


Listen to Tony Robbins. Reread Think And Grow Rich. 


Watch a Ted talk 


And watch the magic happen.


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