The Latest Innovation In Privacy Invasion!

Seth Greene      Friday, December 29, 2017

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If you’ve been around the “funnel” world any length of time, you know it’s all about two things: traffic and conversion.  Russell and his amazing team have created the world’s best software suite around conversion.


Of course, I am referring to ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts.  Knowing that you need the right traffic to those awesome resources, Russell created traffic hacks a program that is an amazing resource for everything you need to know to drive the right traffic to your funnel.


One of the sections of traffic hacks talks about geo-targeting, one of the latest trends in marketing.  Geo-targeting is marketing to your ideal prospect based on where they physically are.


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In this article, we are going to take that concept to the next level. I want to introduce you to Stalker Tags! Stalker Tags are a Bluetooth powered geo-stalking beacon. 


Here is how it works.  The tag is a device the size of a quarter. Anyone with an Android-powered smartphone who comes within a 100-meter radius of the tag gets a push notification on their phone.  


That 40-character notification can say anything you want, and when the smartphone user touches the notification, it can take them to any web address you want. Pretty cool, huh?




Why Android?  One – believe it or not, they have 60% of the smartphone market, even though you and I both have iPhones.  Two – Android is an open operating system, whereas Apple is closed and much harder to penetrate (thought our manufacturer is working on it).


How can you use this to drive targeted traffic to your funnel (and those of your client)? What if you could stalk your prospective client’s customers and patients within 100 meters of wherever they went?


If you are a chiropractor, that means your message can pop up on their smartphone as a push notification when they get within 100 meters of a gym, crossfit, pain clinic, pharmacy, or martial arts studio!




If you are a financial advisor, you can advertise to anyone who walks within 100m of an accountant or attorney’s office. If you are a realtor, you can promote your business to anyone who goes into any neighborhood, apartment building, subway, airport, or taxi!


We are hiding the stalker tags inside of a fake rock (the kind that holds your emergency house key).  Then we put the rock in the landscaping of the business whose customers we want to target. 


What if you are a speaker?  Put one (without the rock) in your pocket, and ping everyone at the conference you are attending.  Take one with you to your next networking event, Chamber meeting, or BNI meeting.



What if there was an event you wanted to go to, but couldn’t? Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once?  Now you can!  Hire someone from Craigslist for $10 an hour to go walk around the event for you!  Take one to a sports arena and walk around the luxury box floor and target all those high rollers!  Heck, take it to a casino and walk around the high limit area.


As you can see, the possibilities are limited to your imagination. I have used them to drive attendance to my speaking slot at a conference.  I have used them to drive people to my booth at a trade show.  One of my best performing tags is hidden near the ATM at a bank.  


Think about the place your ideal prospects might be sitting, or waiting in line. We have a Pilates studio that has gotten 54 new students over the last three months.  Her tags are outside pharmacies, chiropractor’s offices, and gyms.



Is this legal?  Yes, for right now.  It’s so new that the laws haven’t been written yet.  Will it be outlawed?  It is entirely possible.  If enough smart marketers start using it, we could get the privacy people up in arms.  When that happens, we will do something else.  


For now, let’s make some money with it while we can. What is the investment to start stalking? Currently, our manufacturer is producing them in lots of 10.  So, ten tags are $500 a month - $50 per month per tag.  


That includes the 10 tags, the 10 fake rocks, the account rep to program the tags for you, the copywriting of the push notifications, and monitoring the tags every week to optimize their performance.