The Importance Of Building Interactive Funnels

Tod Holland      Thursday, May 17, 2018

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The modern answer for to how to get more clients, increase brand awareness, and relieve myself on long drives in between rest stops.


The term has taken on its own identity over the past few years to incorporate any form of lead capture that draws prospects closer to the end of the sales cycle. This is usually done through the use of a “lead magnet" or a free item of value tied to your product, and it is used as an incentive for the opt-in.


This article isn’t an indictment of the tried and true model that’s worked for thousands. I actually love this model, and its simplicity has made me lucky enough to find success across multiple industries.


That isn’t to say there’s no room for improvement. 


In fact, as awesome and lucrative as classic funnels are, it’s clear that we’re operating on a numbers game.


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Let me explain. Say you draw 1000 clicks to your site over the course of a month. Assuming your page is amazing, which as a subscriber to Funnel Magazine, is a pretty safe bet; you should see anywhere from 100-200 leads opt into your system. 


Anybody who has a head on their shoulders knows that 100-200 leads every month can completely change the game for most businesses.


That being said, I can’t be the only one who thinks as much about the 85% that bounced off my page as I do the 15% opting in for more information. I paid good money for high-converting ad copy, targeting, landing page copy, email autoresponders, etc. 


If I'm targeting my perfect customer, and my words are speaking directly to their souls, why are 85% of my leads leaving my page before giving me their email address for a free e-book, webinar, course, or grilled cheese recipe?



I actually don’t know. I’m famous around my circles for being the most agnostic marketer out there. I say “I don’t know” because there’s always a way to test and find out, and anyone who sensationalizes without data is dragging our industry back to the browser pop-up days.


Here’s my opinion, backed by data.


If you aren’t getting the opt-in response you’re looking for; chances are your funnel isn’t engaging or interactive enough to keep your prospect's attention.


This is a huge problem for many industries, especially B2B, tech, or any other field where your perfect customer is educated enough not to give out any information without first receiving value.


You need to show enough generosity and respect to your potential leads that not only will they bring themselves to respond to you or your automatons, but they’ll wait for you to reach out to them, and they will have specific questions to help you determine the best sales approach.


Interactive Funnels come in many forms, and lots of you may already be using one (or a portion of one) without even knowing it.


Surveys, info products, quizzes, polls, and calculators are the future of lead capture.


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Friday, March 30, 2018


Instead of praising lead capture, we should be celebrating lead engagement, where the client not only is willing to submit their information to you but wants to spend as much time as possible on your site getting information and interacting.


Everything else we’re doing is distracting. It is an effort to obfuscate or convince the prospect to move forward.


Two examples I want to bring up:


1) A company creates a funnel to offer a white paper/lead magnet/ebook. The lead will opt-in to receive the lead magnet in an email, the intention being that the lead magnet is so persuasive and useful that the prospect will either head back to the site and purchase the product, or be so enamored at the value that they’ll wait for your every email. The problem with this is that people are busy, and marketers don’t matter until they do. Couple that with the fact that everybody is using this strategy, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for mediocrity. The leads who do opt-in will be distracted with the points in your lead magnet, and like most internet things, your offer will be forgotten unless you spend HUGE sums of money on follow-up marketing. 


2) A solar company is offering a $1000 rebate for anyone who pays for a solar installation by the end of the month. This doesn’t sound very sexy to the average homeowner, so the copywriter gets creative and uses “Get your $1000 Now” as his call to action. As a result, he’ll get huge volumes of leads for next to nothing, which will initially make him look like a rock star. At least, until every lead gets mad because what they want is their $1000 and what the solar company wants is to install their panels. In this case, neither the leads nor the funnel builder gets what they want.



Instead of all this song and dance, why not adopt the revolutionary idea of giving the prospects exactly what they want, without forcing them to fill out a form before doing so?


Your inner marketer is probably screaming at your screen right now.


“This idiot gets an opportunity to write for Funnel Magazine, and the first thing he does is write about doing the opposite of what’s been working for us so far?”


Yeah, basically.


I’m the last guy to stir the pot, and if running the classic method is making you money then for the love of God, don’t stop doing what works because you read an article online.


But if you’re looking for a competitive edge for your agency, or simply to generate higher quality leads from your own campaigns, look into ways to make your funnels more interactive so prospects will want to stick around.


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