The Art Of Leadership As A Heart-repreneur

Terri Levine      Friday, March 23, 2018

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There are many definitions of leadership. I have my own, which I created as a leader in business for over 4 decades.  My definition will tie directly into the Heart-repreneur® philosophy.  I define leadership as moving people to follow a leader toward a mutually beneficial goal.



There are organizations that truly live leadership and meet my definition of the word.


First, let’s look at Amazon’s leadership principles -


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Customer Obsession


Invent and Simplify

Are Right, A Lot

Learn and Be Curious

Hire and Develop the Best

Insist on the Highest Standards

Think Big

Bias for Action


Earn Trust

Dive Deep

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

Deliver Results



Based on Amazon’s principles and other companies that I resonate with, I developed these principles for my own business which you can modify for your business.

Heart-repreneur® Leadership Principles



These are the principles of how to do business as a Heart-repreneur®:


  • A leader is a colleague
  • A leader mobilizes others toward a goal shared by the leader and their followers
  • You are a leader if people want to follow you
  • Leaders use cooperation
  • Leaders use collectivism
  • Leaders are inclusionary
  • Leaders are open communicators
  • Leadership is built on trust
  • Leaders deal with direction
  • Leaders deal with vision and keep the mission in sight
  • Leaders motivate people to work
  • Leaders foster mutual respect and build a complementary team


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  • Leaders share responsibility
  • Leaders have a clear focus that is understood
  • Leaders select team members that are gifted in needed areas
  • Leaders provide learning opportunities
  • Leaders encourage risk taking
  • Leaders see failures as a refining process
  • Leaders are flexible
  • Leaders delegate
  • Leaders always embody authenticity, transparency, and integrity
  • Leaders always communicate with team members
  • Leaders promote a team mentality
  • Leaders are continuous learners
  • Leaders are enthusiastic
  • Leaders exercise physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally


What can you take from Amazon and from me to develop your own leadership principles?


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