The 3 A's of Entrepreneurship

Megan Flanagan      Monday, January 28, 2019

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I was just interviewed recently and asked what is the most important strategy for Entrepreneurs in 2019. I decided to come up with something I will call “The 3 A's":


1.) Authenticity -Be yourself. Stop looking around on all your Social Media feeds and comparing yourself to every other entrepreneur in your space. So many hours are wasted looking to see what everyone else is doing: what lead magnet they are offering, what course they are selling, or what is their latest high ticket offer. Just STOP! Work on becoming the best version of yourself; make sure the collaborators and mentors you surround yourself will support your entrepreneurship journey. Document and share your victories and your vulnerabilities thru video or copy. If you can’t figure out your authentic voice, start documenting. Grab your phone and talk about anything for 60 seconds, EVERY DAY. Do that for 30 days and, you should start to get a feeling for what you enjoy talking about. And if you had the courage to go “live” what did people respond to when you spoke? These things will help you fine tune your authentic voice if you don’t know exactly what your message is.


2.)Awareness- Specifically self-awareness. This is one of the pillars of emotional intelligence, your E.Q. If you can work on becoming self-aware, you will win many of the battles you face during entrepreneurship, especially the ones in your head.

In 2015, when I started listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, he said: “Self-awareness is being able to accept your weaknesses while focusing all of your attention on your strengths. The moment you decide to accept your shortcomings and bet entirely on your strengths, things will change. Trust me.”


You owe it to yourself and this journey to figure out what you are good at doing and what you like doing. Get comfortable with asking and listening to feedback from mentors and peers. Then truly listen and decide how you will implement the feedback that makes sense and resonates with you.



3.)Action-Taking action is THE game changer for every entrepreneur. Too many entrepreneurs fail because they freeze up from fear of not being good enough or fear of making mistakes. They think they need one more course or, they need to watch one more YouTube video, and they will finally be good enough to do “the one thing”. I’m going to save you a ton of time by sharing with you what my mentor, Rachel Pedersen, and her mentor Russell Brunson, have said:

“Done is better than perfect...”

Get out there and execute, make the mistakes, and then make sure you learn from your mistakes. Keep taking action until you achieve your goal, then start again and set a new goal.


As an entrepreneur, you will get stuck many, many times along this journey and you will freeze up when you are trying to accomplish your goals. When you have those setbacks, I would remind you to check in with The 3 A’s and to make sure you are implementing them into your entrepreneurial strategy in 2019.


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