The 20-second headline hack responsible for a 7% increase in conversions

Chris Weatherhead      Thursday, January 10, 2019

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The importance of having a great headline is well-documented and discussed. After all, without a headline that grabs the interest of the reader, your copy will not be read, and your sales video will not be watched!

Many marketers have heard stories of the amazing copywriters who can change just one word in a headline and skyrocket the sales!

But making your headline the best it can be doesn’t just stop with the copy you use. The design and layout can have a dramatic effect on your page’s (and, ultimately, your funnel’s) performance.

This is an effect we have seen with a simple 20-second tweak on our own headlines, which has resulted in a huge average increase of 7% on conversions.

Despite being an easy tweak to make in ClickFunnels, this tweak comes from the good old-fashioned world of print advertising!

The copywriters and printers of old would discuss how to improve the readability or “flow” of an ad.

This would include how to make the page seem simple and easy to read, whilst also making certain things “pop” on the page, meaning they would stand out and be magnets to the attention of the reader.

Despite the rise of the digital world, the reader flow is just as important now as it has always been (if not even more so, with shortening attention spans!).

A very simple way to achieve an improved flow is to bold certain words.

However, part of the skill of bolding is to make sure that the words, when bolded, can be read on their own without the need for any of the other text that surrounds them.

This is known as a double-readership path. Essentially, it caters to skim readers and means they still get the gist of your sales message by simply scan-reading the bolded sections.

When trying to achieve this effect in ClickFunnels, certain fonts do not work well. The bolding can often be hard to spot and has little to no visual impact.

Just like the printers of old, using different font colors can produce a better bolding effect and can be much more effective in terms of the visual impact, when compared to simply using the bold button.


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Across the pages that we tested this on, we changed the default text color (#2f2f2f), which is a very dark shade of gray that is used for both normal and bold text.

We found that using a slightly lighter gray (#373d3f) for the normal font color, combined with pure black (#000000) for all bolded text, provided the impact we were looking for.

By choosing the slightly lighter gray, the contrast for the bolded text becomes that much greater, whilst the perceived difficulty in reading the text is minimal (there are countless studies to show black text on white background is the easiest to read).

Making this change allows the skim readers of your page, around 81% of all your readers, to more easily pick up the main points you want them to, encouraging them to take a closer look and read the page more thoroughly.

To change the font color within ClickFunnels, simply click on the headline or paragraph block to select the element.


Once selected, the element will show as orange.


Click on the gear icon within the options (see below).

A screen will appear on the right-hand side of the window with the properties for that text block (see below).



You have a couple of options regarding the text color. Here, you can set a color for all ‘normal’ font-weight text and a separate color for all ‘bold’ font-weight text.


This means that, within the same block of text, you can set bold weight letters to be a different color to make them stand out more.


To change the color, click on the box next to the label (shown by the red arrows above).




You can either click on one of the pre-defined color options, choose directly from within the color picker, or enter a value directly into the box (using either Hex, RGB or RGBA).


To alter the transparency of a color, use the slider to adjust this. You can also enter a RGBA value straight into the box (see example below).



To configure a text block so that it has 2 different colors between normal and bold font weights, simply set the colors within the text block element properties (shown below).



Once you have set up your colors, you will need to apply bold to some of the text. To do this, double-click on the text element so that a blue box appears around it.


The blue box shows that you are in text edit mode.

Highlight the text you wish to make bold and then click on the ‘B’ within the text toolbar (shown above).



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Once complete, just click away from the text box element to view.



Occasionally, it is not possible to use these exact colors (light gray & pure black) due to the funnel’s color scheme. In testing other pages, we have seen increases in conversion by “bolding” with branding colors.

Although this has not been as effective as using pure black, the increases we have seen have been above that of simply using the bold function in ClickFunnels.

For those who naturally read the page in-depth, around 20% of your readers, the benefit is that they will place more emphasis on the bolded parts of the text, subconsciously understanding that these points have been singled out for their importance.

This “weighting” that the reader's place on the bolded copy is mirrored by the search engines when they crawl a page and try to understand what it is about.

This can be especially important when running ads to a webpage, for example with Google AdWords.

By bolding keywords, Google will award you for good relevance to the search term. This is due to the algorithm understanding that, by bolding these phrases, the user will quickly see the content is what they wanted.

In other words, you will be completely relevant and provide a good user experience!

That good user experience, of allowing a visitor to quickly and easily understand what your funnel page is about, ultimately drives the conversion rates of the page.

More of the page’s visitors will stay and consume the content, they will have a greater understanding of your offer (and ultimately the value of the offer) and are more likely to take the action you desire.

Although no amount of bolding (with color or otherwise) will cure a poor headline or weak offer! If you have a funnel that currently works, try a little color bolding!

You might be surprised by the results, especially as it only takes around 20 seconds to implement!


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