Technology Before Switching Your Systems

Ashley DeLuca      Saturday, January 19, 2019

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When it comes to the tech behind my client's funnels, I am always looking at what they are currently already utilizing. As a service provider, I am always putting myself in my client’s shoes. Putting service before profit, I always evaluate my client’s current systems and align them with their requests. As you look to serve others in their funnel building, consider these three questions before jumping to another platform. There are no right or wrong answers here.

First, how are their current systems meeting their needs? Consider both their immediate and future needs as you evaluate. If on the urgent side, it is always best to take a moment to consider all the options on the table. Often, I have found the biggest mistakes made were due to haste.


When clients do not consider the big picture strategy, it is our job to remind them. Too often a new and flashy system comes out, but it makes no sense to invest the time and effort to switch. We all love new toys to experiment with, but we need to consider if it goes wrong. On my table, I keep all the options open for questions and review.


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On the flip side, it could be a perfect fit as you help your client scale their systems. Always consider both sides of the coins with a pro and cons list. You can never go wrong with one.

Second, will this save your client in some way? Time is one of our most precious resources. If this system allows your client to save time, resources, or just merely help make their lives a bit easier, it should be brought to the table. When a client comes to me with concerns, I always keep them in my notes to consider the next steps are moving forward. Even if they are not ready to move yet, when the time comes, you can be sure to make sure those needs are addressed


As we put our client in front of our minds, consider how this switch would help them in other areas of their business. If the switch is a cost increase, this will also help you pursue the value of the switch to your client. This is key to being able to win over a client who always is number focused.



Thirdly, we must consider the results. Those of us in marketing are very fond of results. If after doing question one, you have determined it will provide an increase in results, it’s another green light. Green for money that is.

At the end of the day, we are paid to build and provide results. If a switch will help, use this in your favor to help push the switch. If the results were not there, the new system would not be on the table for discussion.

After going through these same questions with a client of mine, we switched her email systems from MailChimp to Active Campaign. She has more opportunities than ever before to segment and monetizes her list. It’s a win-win.

No matter what system you are considering switching, keep these questions in mind. They will help guide you as you move forward and aid you in the right direction. When you put your client’s first, you will win alongside them.

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Technology Before Switching Your Systems

Saturday, January 19, 2019