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Adam Moody      Sunday, January 20, 2019

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How would you like to have an extra 100 hours this year?


I don’t know about you, but I could use 100 hours to do a lot of things…


Start a new project, take nearly 2 full weeks of vacation, maybe attend an event or just enjoy some “down time”.


Sounds good, right?


But what’s the catch?


Well, like everything worth doing, it requires you to try something new this year.


Interested? Let’s go!


One of the best ways to create that time and get better results this year is using a technique that I talked about at POFU Live 2018.



Now, since I (sadly) can’t see the future, I’m going to keep this short because…




So many people try to start new habits or strategies and drop them so fast each year.


But what if you start seeing results quickly? Think that might help?


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Well, I think so, getting back a week’s worth of my time means I can work on another project, take some downtime, go on vacation, whatever...and if you can start doing that this week, well, that’s even better.


So here’s what you need to do in order to truly create another week using 30 minutes per week…


Sit down once per week and answer these questions by literally writing them out and then writing the answer:


  1. What has given me the best results over the past week and how can I get more of them?

  2. What can I automate, delegate, or delete?


It’s that simple.


But like everything, simple can be deceptive.


So, to make sure you truly get the bang for your buck (or time), make sure that you grab your calendar - like, right now. Open it, open a new browser tab, whatever.


Look for a day each week where you could honestly set aside 30 minutes. I prefer the afternoon, but just choose a time where you can get a cup of coffee or tea, get away from your desk and review these 2 questions.


Schedule it in with a reminder so you get nagged if you don’t do it (it took me a while to get into the habit too).




You do it!


Now, how does this work to create a week’s worth of time in 2019?


It’s like compound interest.


If you save yourself just 5 minutes each week by doing this review exercise…


Seriously, just 5 minutes.


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Well, that adds up week after week after week since it’s no longer there to take up your time.


At the end of 2019, you will have saved so much time that it is the same as 5 full working days!


Think you can afford to spend 30 minutes per week on this? Yes!


Oh, and if you’re thinking, “but what about the 30 minutes per week, how much is that over the entire year???”...


I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that….just kidding :)


It works out to about 1 day worth of time. So yes, you need to invest in yourself and your get a 5X return (that is there year after year after year).


So, are you going to create a week’s worth of time for yourself in 2019?


Today is the day to get started!


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