Stop Managing, Start Coaching! Leadership For 2017

Terri Levine      Thursday, November 2, 2017

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Finally, we have realized you can’t manage people and you can only manage things. Behaviors are manageable and people certainly are not and we need to stop trying to manage people.  We must start to learn skills to coach people to success. If you own a business of any type and have been using a command and control model to try to get your people to do what you want them to do in your business, then you are pushing people which makes people resistant. So what are you going to do instead? How are you going to lead your team?


Not by stifling people and tossing them out like commodities that’s for sure.   You want your team to be creative and to make smart decisions without a lot of rules and processes and procedures that keeps them bogged down.  You are going to have to become a new leader who acknowledges people, celebrates them and and their mistakes, invites workers to collaborate and is willing to take risks.  It’s time to unlearn conventional management and to reinvent leadership. So what are we going to do instead?


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Leadership And Coaching

Coaching emerged because managing wasn’t working and is considered dead. Coaching is helping people to be inspired to achieve more than they may have ever dreamed possible. A great coach is not a manager who tells others what to do. A great coach invites colleagues to work with them to solve problems creatively and works with people to achieve common goals.  Coaching is how to lead people and  team members and coaching works and gets real results and has people transform their behaviors. Morale goes up and people make changes that are permanent with coaching. A coach inspires, empowers and energizes the people on their team.  A coach seeks answers from those they work with and solicits suggestions and ideas of others.  People like to be lead and will respond to a coach who is empathetic and compassionate. The skills of coaching are what leaders today need to grow their businesses and to make a difference with their products and services.



Coaching Your Team

Shifting to a coach versus a manager means you are willing to set directions for others and mobilize individual commitment of team members. Great coaches empower people on their teams by letting them know they make a difference.  If and when there are problems that show up a coach will never criticize the person. The coach will modify behaviors or systems and will never attempt to manage people.  Your job is to coach people into success.  Coach them through to solutions.  This is being a leader in 2017.

Coaches ask team members for advice. Coaching is based on asking a lot of questions and inviting your team to give their input. A coach will acknowledge and honor others and thank them for their input and contributions. Coaches get team members to add to their thoughts and improve on their ideas and help to collaborate to achieve the best outcomes.

Coaching teams means the entire team has a hand in ownership and making changes and implementing all ideas.  Ownership is shared with coaching and no longer is there top-down management.  Coaching is collaborative. When everyone feels ownership things happen. Productivity, profitability, and morale automatically increase as you shift from managing to coaching as your leadership model.  


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Best Coaching Practices

The most successful coaching happens within companies that have a clear vision their teams get behind.  Everyone is working towards a common goal. There are shared values and everyone is working jointly and not working to be the star. It is truly a cohesive effort.  In fact there is shared ownership for all the results because it is a team effort. Coaching is used to develop each member to their fullest potential.

You will enjoy your business more when people self-manage and you stop trying to manage people. Allow people to lead themselves and stop trying to control them and command them. No need to instruct them. Just guide them with coaching and questions and you will soon empower them.  They will begin to rely on their judgement and intuition and be empowered and enjoy their jobs more, too. You will notice you have more motivated and engaged employees and enthusiastic employees.

Get out there and stop managing and start coaching and make business fun and get people excited about working as a team!


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