Social Proof Your Book … To Change the World

Ken Rochon      Monday, February 26, 2018

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You want to write a book, publish it, and change the world. Noble intention, but without the right plan, system, and team you will probably and unfortunately experience what almost 100 of the world experiences… Failure.


To create impact, a legacy and ROI, this chapter will dramatically change your experience and better your results through simple strategies.


Here are some strategies and variables when connected will help You Change the World

1. Judge a book by its’ cover… do market research and find out what cover will sell the best. Too often book covers are an afterthought and under-budgeted. Hire an amazing cover designer (make this a big priority) and show off four of their best cover options to the world through social media. The cover that wins, is most likely your best bet for your book. Ask mentors what can make it better. Talk to the target audience and get their input.


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2. Work with a professional interviewer to extract your best ideas and position you as an expert.


3. If you self-publish allocate 80% of your budget to marketing. This is the number one reason books fail. No one knows about them. If possible, allocate $8000 for marketing & social media.


4. If you want to secure a publisher, research their marketing and social media ability by visiting the social media channels you want to dominate. Read reviews and talk with their clients to see what their ROI experience was on the book and the sales the book created.




5. Use Thunderclap for your book launch and call in all favors at least thirty days from your launch so that you can enroll busy people into making this a priority. It only takes a couple minutes to support an author on


6. Send your books to radio hosts that have the type of following/tribe you are trying to attract. Great resource is


7.Secure a Social Media Photographer (SMP) (a photographer with certification in marketing and social media) who knows how to keep your book alive and visible. Also SMP understand how to create social proof with book placement with influencers and will take your book to big events.



8. Give your book away as a door prize at every event your target audience is attending. Have your SMP handy to capture the winner.


9. Always carry your book with you (have extra copies in your car and luggage) and do your best to get a Selfie or some social proof photo and/or video review every chance you can.


10. Make a comeback book within a year. Almost all authors never publish more than one book… be the Change in the World because you are committed to your message.


Ken Rochon Co-Founder of The Umbrella Syndicate. To learn more about him, what he does, and access his recent articles just click HERE.


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