Social Media Trifecta: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Tucker Ferwerda      Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Trying to figure out how to use social media to get more leads and sales? Want to grow your business the best way possible? In this article, we’re going to be covering just that: How to get more leads and sales from the three largest social media channels in the world. We’ll be covering the mindsets of your viewers and what makes them tick, how to leverage free and paid methods, and much more.




Instagram is the photo powerhouse. This platform just passed 700 million monthly users in April 2017. It’s image based, which means we’re appealing to the sight of the viewer. We have to remember that our images are our sales pages. If we enter the mind of our viewer (which we always should), we see them pulling out their phone while standing in line, on break at work, at home during leisure time, or hustling like the instagram professionals do. They’re scrolling up with their thumbs like their life depended on it to look at photos of friends, family, or images of passion accounts, meaning accounts that holds a person's passions and dreams. You have only a split second. I’m not even kidding. Count to “one.” That’s how fast you have to grab their attention.


How do you grab their attention? This is done with using creative images, text, colors, and new things people haven’t experienced or seen before. If we can peak the curiosity of the viewer to the point where they click our images, our mission is complete.


Now that we’ve talked about our salespages, er, I mean our images, let’s now dive into our bio. This is the place at the top of our account that allows an image, our username, a headline, and a link. We can only have 150 characters in the bio, you have to be very clear on your message. Don’t put random stuff about you or your company like most people do. Put a Call To Action Headline that offers them something. This is the lead generation machine and you must have a clear and concise offer that your ideal customer or client will say “I’d really look absolutely silly if I said no to this” when they see it. If you don’t know what they want, you need to dive into customer research and ask them or find similar products and services that are making money. You then put the link from your landing page or website of your offer in the bio and make sure that it’s optimized for mobile, meaning that the headline, name and email fields, and button appear on your phone.


Now that we have our images in place and our bio, we can now start generating leads and sales. There are two ways to do this: Free and Paid. Let’s dive into both.




Repeat after me… “there’s no such thing as free.” Whether you’re paying for it with automation tools or paying for it with time, you’re going to pay one way or another if you really want to exceed at this. Now that we’ve settled this, you can use automation tools that streamline the process of getting your images seen. Now I’m not talking about paying for likes. That’s a bad move if you do it wrong. There are some bots that you can use to follow and unfollow accounts, but this lowers your account’s rank and you might end up getting your account banned if you do it wrong. Talk with a professional before doing anything.


We have to remember that Instagram is algorithm based. Instagram will show your images to more people that get the most engagement. The more likes, shares, and comments an image or video gets, the more viral it will become. Our goal is to land on the Explore Page, where instagram shows relevant content to you that you might be interested in. We use relevant hashtags according to our niche and when we get a ton of likes, comments, and shares, our images become viral, which leads to more people seeing our images and videos. There are support groups that you can find and join where people will support each other by liking and commenting.


My favorite method, however, is joining Telegram Groups. Telegram is a platform where you place your account name into a group, and everyone goes and likes the last photo that was posted on that account. When I use this, I can get anywhere from 300 to 2000 likes on my photos, which then makes the image viral to allow more people to see it. They will then get curious, go to your bio, and opt in. This will then lead to more followers, leads, and sales.




Facebook is the advertising platform for Instagram seeing that Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. You can place an ad inside of Facebook’s advertising platform and choose Instagram as a placement for where your ads will be seen. You might as well learn how to advertise on Facebook at this point, which we’ll cover later on.


You can also pay for automation bots and engagement groups as mentioned above. Another paid way that works great is paying for shoutouts. Shoutouts are when you pay a large and niched account to post your content. This is also known as Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing is great for ecommerce and dropshipping, but also works great for many other niches like affiliate marketing or selling informational products. For one of our dropshipping tests, we paid an account $15 dollars for a 24 hour shout out and we did $84 in revenue by drop shipping a cat related physical product. When fine tuned, and with the same product being promoted across many accounts, this can be scaled to $100 dollar days every day for a month.




Alright. Let’s talk about YouTube, the world’s largest video platform. YouTube is the runner up for the most visitors per month right after Facebook. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day, and it shows as it ranks 3rd out of all the billions of websites in the world. The internet space has completely changed since it first started.


Marketing is best achieved with the most engaging content. If you’re not using video in your marketing strategy, you should seriously consider how to leverage it. People want the most natural form of content, and it shows by how many people are using YouTube every day. People are on YouTube for two reasons: Entertainment and the gathering of information. What used to be taught in schools by college professors for extremely high prices is now being taught on YouTube for free. People are going to YouTube to watch something that interests them or to solve a problem, making it one of the most used search engines in the world. This doesn’t surprise me as more and more people are getting their answers solved by videos instead of blog posts or website pages. They will search several videos until they find the right solution for their problems. If you can do it right, you can create a video, solve a problem, and turn a cold prospect into a hot buyer in a matter of minutes. That is why YouTube is so powerful.


YouTube is algorithm based as well. The more likes, comments, shares, subscribers, and percentage of videos watched the better. If you want to get leads and sales from YouTube, you can’t just throw in any video you want and hope you’ll get visitors to see it. You have to have a strategy when it comes to mastering YouTube, and this is done with keyword research and ranking videos. Let’s go into the free and paid methods of YouTube marketing.




Again, no such thing as free. You’re going to pay one way or another whether it is with your time or paying for backlinks. There are ways to streamline the process to get leads and sales quicker. First you need to research what people are looking for according to your niche. There are many tools for this like the Google Keyword Planner, but starting off you can use the search bar. Type in a phrase that your potential customer will type in, and see what other phrases YouTube suggests. These are all your keywords. You want to be able to find videos that you can outrank.


Once you find keywords and videos that you can outrank, you then want to create the video. There are millions of ways to create videos. Anything from your smartphone, to screen recording, to actual filming sets and backgrounds. Whatever your method is, just make sure you’re engaging the entire time. No one wants to watch a boring video. Remember that YouTube loves it when people watch the entire video. When YouTube sees this, it will show your video to more people. Make sure to say the keyword of the video that you’re trying to rank for in the video, and keep it anywhere from 2-4 minutes. This is also vital for ranking videos on YouTube.


Once you create the video, name the file your keyword that you’re trying to rank for. After that, upload it to YouTube, with the keyword in the title, and in the description. You’ll want to add keywords to the description that you’ve found from keyword research, and you’ll also want to add those keywords to the tags section. Put your landing page or website on the first line of the description so that it’s visible and easy to click. You’ll then want to create a custom thumbnail that is named after the keyword, that has a lot of colors to stand out, and has the keyword of your video as text on the thumbnail. The thumbnail is the sales page. If it’s creative enough, people will be curious enough to click on it. To top things off, you’ll want to get backlinks to your video to give it an extra boost. I use VidIQ to help rank videos and it tells me how well I’ve ranked my videos before submitting my video. I also use it to find other keywords that others have ranked for to see if I can outrank them.




You’ll be paying for the backlinks. You also have the option to use Google’s advertising platform Google Adwords. There you can show videos to people that will match your message and niche following the same outline above and by using the Google Adwords advertising platform to target those who are interested in what you have to offer.




Facebook is a powerful beast. The possibilities on this platform are endless which is why it’s my favorite platform to work on (see how I made it best for last?) But seriously. This is the second most visited website in the world. The only site that is beating it at the moment is Google, but I think that might change. Google is under a lot of pressure trying to do as many updates as it can in order to stay ahead of Facebook.


Facebook is the hybrid of social media, since it does everything. Videos, images, GIF’s, and much much more. I like to call Facebook the Artificial Intelligence of the Internet. Why? Because of how smart it is. Anything you do, say, click, or search, Facebook is keeping track. Now this isn’t creepy if you’re thinking that (how could you?) Facebook cares about its user base so much, that it is making sure that it only shows you content that you’re interested in. My Facebook newsfeed is completely different than my wife’s, for example:


Now Facebook is algorithm based as well (noticing a trend?). The more likes, comments, shares, views, and clicks a post or video gets, Facebook will put it into more newsfeeds so that others can see it. If Facebook notices that something is getting a lot of engagement, it will show it to more people since it’s popular. The best way to get leads and sales in my opinion is by using Facebook. I’ve used a lot of platforms out there, and nothing can beat the deep levels of targeting that Facebook has. You can get so dialed in to your perfect customer that you can find more customers that are similar to your current customers. Now let’s dive into the paid and free methods for advertising on Facebook.




There are several ways to leverage Facebook for free. Since it’s algorithm based, the best thing you can do is to leverage consistency. Stay consistent and post consistently. When posting, the more natural sounding you are, the better. Add humor to it, and you’re set. Post on your profile once a day. Add people who are interested in your niche as friends. You can add them to separate lists on Facebook as well to separate different niches. Mix up personal, business, and lifestyle posts to keep people engaged on what’s going on and you’ll start to build a relationship with them. Now that we’ve covered posts, let’s talk about where and when…


Facebook groups are amazing. You can create your own groups and leverage other groups for getting organic traffic on your posts. When you post inside of a group, your closest friends will get a notification if they’re in that group. It’s like an autoresponder on Facebook that sends out notifications. When people see you posting, and you’re doing what they want to be doing, they’ll add you as a friend. When people comment, reply back as soon as possible to create a viral effect to the post. Then more people will be able to see it, leading more to your profile to add you as a friend and check out what you have to offer. The best times to post are in the mornings to allow people to see it throughout the day.


Make sure you have your profile set up for success. Edit your intro and about section to let others know what you’re all about. Add social media links and websites to this section too. If you can add a cover photo that shows your best moment and special highlights, with a link to your website or landing page, then you’re golden. This will drive more people to your profile to see what you have to offer. Leverage your friends list and Facebook groups to get more leads and sales.




Now we’re going to talk about the fun stuff! Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to get leads and sales. It’s as simple as dividing it into three categories: Campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Your campaign level is the objective you’re trying to accomplish, your ad sets are the demographics and targeting, and your ads are what people see. People are on Facebook because they want to follow up with friends and family. They’re scrolling just like people do on Instagram. Typically, people don’t go on Facebook to buy something unless they’re in the marketplace. You have to have a clear message, brand, and offer when advertising on Facebook, and it has to be shown in a creative way to capture attention.


5 steps to use when advertising on Facebook:


  1. Customer Research
  2. Creating the Offer
  3. Creating the Funnel
  4. Launching the Ads
  5. Scaling


If one of these steps isn’t working, it’s because the step before it is wrong or needs to be changed. For example, if no one is accepting or opting in to your offer, then your customer research is off and you need to start over.


Advertising on Facebook is an art and can not be rushed. It needs to be a marathon and not a sprint. You have to have many offers in place on the frontend and backend to make it worthwhile and profitable.


And that’s that. These three platforms are guilty of creating a lot of millionaires and many multi-million dollar companies. If you do it right, you’ll be able to see how social media is changing the world and the way people think. Build trust with your audience, ask them what they want, give it to them, and get more leads and sales.