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Doresa Ibrahim      Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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ClickFunnels Certified in February 2017. My journey to ClickFunnels started in November 2016. I had heard of ClickFunnels from a friend awhile back with an email which stated, “Doresa you got to get this book, it’s awesome and it’s free. There are several upsells, but do not get them, just get the free book.”  I did get the free book, and the upsells that she told me not to get. I read the book and listened to the audio and although the information resonated with me I did not feel it applied to me. At that time in my online marketing career I was heavy into selling private label products on Amazon.



It was October 2016 when I participated in a local get healthy class. I asked the creators of the course if there was an online option since I travel a lot and could not always participate in the onsite meeting. They told me it was coming. Of course, I asked them “when is it coming?”. I proceeded to say that if they needed some help, just let me know as I have a background in website development and I could put their course online. Her eyes lit up and she said “We are meeting with a guy today, but after we meet with him, we can meet with you to discuss.”



I met with them, they liked what I had to say, and so I worked out a commission deal with them. They were very skeptical about the entire online concept and not very clear on how everything would work. The commission option worked well for both of us. I had created many websites, had created membership sites, and had done various other projects, but the excitement this company had built around their brand attracted thousands of people. Based on the following of the business, I wanted to make sure I created a system that would handle their over 500 coaches (affiliates) and a platform for the growth of adding products and other services they had discussed.



I walked away from that meeting feeling very confident they would work with me, so I signed up for ClickFunnels. As I was doing more research, I said to myself, “I need to become an expert in this tool,” so I researched if there was a certification available. I found the program, applied and started in November 2016.
As each module was released I would complete it the same day because I needed to get through the program as fast as humanly possible. The certification program has been hands down the best course I have ever participated in. The community of partners is world class.

My first ClickFunnels client launched their course online in December 2016. They used a webinar to launch. This webinar was not promoted through paid advertisements, only word of mouth. One hundred and twenty (120) individuals showed up to that webinar resulting in nine sales right after the webinar and another five the following week. Since that first webinar, there have not been any additional webinars or promotion. In the month of February, they made $5699 in sales without any advertising at all. Amazing!



Since getting certified, it has been a whirlwind of people contacting me for help. Unfortunately, not everyone is like my first client with a proven business model and determination to expand online (it’s hard work y’all). My ideal client is just like my first client: successful offline first, then working with me to help grow their business online. 






Doresa Ibrahim


Side Hustle Mompreneur


ClickFunnels Certified Partner


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