Should You Consider Selling A Physical Version Of Your Digital Only Product?

August Grebinski      Friday, March 30, 2018

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Based on what my clients are telling me, the answer is an overwhelming yes!  Believe it or not, many people don’t want to read a book on their computer or phone, especially when your demographic is above the age of 40.   A PEW survey conducted in 2016 shows that only 6% of Americans are digital only book readers


A couple of things to consider, perceived value is higher for a physical product and you also create a higher level of credibility with a physical book or DVD.  In addition, physical products have a significantly lower return rate. Of the over 1.5 million orders we shipped last year, less than 1.7% of the orders were returned.


Believe it or not, we ship hundreds of thousands of DVDs for our clients as well each year.  Not everyone is “tech savvy” and understands what it takes to hook their computer up to their TV, and that’s even if they have the proper technology in place.  Watching an exercise video on a 60” screen is a bit more exhilarating than watching on a 12” laptop or tablet or worse yet, a 4” cellphone screen.


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Ok, that’s great, but isn’t it expensive to print a book?  It’s probably a lot less than you think. The cost would depend on the amount of color you have in the book and the quantity ordered. For instance, a 200 page 6”x 9” book with black ink on the inside pages and a color cover is less then $4.00 for a quantity as low as 250.  


The one great thing about print is that as your volumes increase your price decreases, so the price can drop significantly with larger quantities. So I’m printing a book, now how do I get it to my customers?  You would set up your shopping cart with an API (Application Programming Interface) from your print/fulfillment partner.  This allows you to maintain the customer experience through your site.


You collect the money online like you currently do for your digital only products.  The only difference is that the customer’s order information goes to the print/fulfillment partner. The physical product is then shipped to your client. Tracking information is sent to your customer, this way the customer can check on their order and not tie up your customer service team.


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