PhoneSites Turns Your Phone Into Funnel-Building Gold

Hilary Jastram      Thursday, January 10, 2019

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Maybe you thought with all the different funnel platforms out there, that funnel construction had hit a wall? After all, what else could be done? As the saying goes, “there are no new inventions, only reinventions.” But for one infamous entrepreneur, Ryan Stewman aka the Hardcore Closer, funnel status quo wasn’t satisfactory.


“Funnel” has become a buzzword flitting around boardrooms and in conference call dialogue without any real meaning. Some people simply want funnels because everyone has them and setting up a funnel seems to be the right action to take. This is #2018bestpractice


But without value, what is a funnel? A conduit to zero dollars. A funnel should enable passive income, and the ability to scale. It is supposed to save you work, not compel you to figure what went wrong in the string of instructions.


Calls-to-action, integration into your drip campaigns, the inclusion of stunning media, and it’s applicable to every industry. But what’s your prerequisite? You simply need a solid lead-gen system and a desire to close more sales.


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Ummm...don’t we all feel that in spades?


Ryan says, “The average business owner and salesperson who didn’t have any tech skills couldn't learn how to build a funnel fast enough. The technology was causing them to stall. I needed to either find or create something that was so easy a 90-year-old grandparent could figure out. But I couldn’t find it, so I created it.”


Even if you have the most rudimentary of technological skills, you’ll still be able to construct a funnel in five minutes from your smartphone -- no kidding.

And this past week, PhoneSites introduced training for their members, proving yet again that a company is only as good as their user-friendly rating.


But why should you care about PhoneSites as a funnel user and promoter? To put it plainly: “PhoneSites allows you to generate an endless pipeline of smoking hot leads.” And isn’t that what most business owners and marketing professionals are after...leads and the understanding of what the heck a funnel even is, and how it can benefit their business?



PhoneSites breaks down a funnel into the basic steps that even a layperson can understand. This allows you to save money you would otherwise fork over to a funnel builder. It means you can link to your CRM, add videos, landing pages, emails, social media sites, and any content your little heart can dream up. Here’s an idea! Take your savings and reinvest it into your company elsewhere. #digitalgenius


Not crazy about building a funnel from your phone? Well, now you can log in on your laptop to build.


The most beautiful aspect of this program is the intuitive starter video that literally walks you through every step of creating your PhoneSites funnel. You can use your selfies to sell (Ryan demonstrates this very concept), attach your logo, connect a lead magnet, install action buttons and disclaimers, and attach your FB pixel and URLs! With a minimally-priced subscription, (far less than you would pay a funnel contractor), you’ll have access to building your own passive pipeline that can start to generate cash the day you push it live! And the worry that you won’t have time to build your own funnels is eliminated because the very goal of this program is to get your funnel up in five minutes! The claim is even in the slogan.


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I hopped right in and moved through the designated sections with ease. Without any training (even though it is offered), this site had the same ESP functionality of any email platform. I know enough to break infrastructure, with minimal coding knowledge but, you don’t need any techie background. Experience with Facebook or any other social media site suffices to get you started.


The latest news? How about sharing funnels simply by sending a link? Once they click, the funnel is loaded into their dashboard. If you sell funnels this speeds up the process. If you build funnels, you can collaborate. If you make funnels, you will seriously uncomplicate your life and tear up your productivity.


With close to 3K members and over 2600 users since their launch...PhoneSites has revolutionized the funnel process while ensuring even the most junior users can build an effective funnel to beef up their bottom line.


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