My Own Ethical Shortcuts to Get High Paying Clients on demand (Pipeline Blueprint Model)

Charly Wigstrom      Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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This article is for you if...


  • You are a consultant, Business Owner, Marketer offering free consultations (formally or informally).

  • Your marketing funnel requires you to be on the phone with the client walking them through the buying process.

  • You want to attract better leads and create higher quality conversations...even faster.

  • You want your free consultations to feel like time well spent for you AND your prospective client.

  • You want the step-by-step blueprint that allowed me to sell even more expensive consulting offerings later


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Objective of my Campaign


Objective #1 Get clients. Specifically, I wanted to get "product launch" clients.             

Objective #2 Use free consultations as the main sales tool. For what I wanted to charge I knew I wasn't gonna be able to charge that simply by sending people emails.             

Objective #3 I wanted to talk to qualified prospects. If I was going to spend such focused time on the phone converting (and working with) clients, I wanted it to be worth my time. I was not willing to trade my time all my life.

Objective #4 Keep the funnel simple. Any good funnel involves a series of steps with each step "converting" the prospect to the next. I drew a quick map for myself so I knew what the funnel would look like. In its simplest form it is AD--> Landing Page --> Consultation --> Sale


Building  your Own Client Feeder System


When YOU know the Specific high value results you deliver, and the specific Type of person who NEEDS those results, you can create and deliver the solution they want to pay you for...    



Finally all ends up on a simple but very powerful CTA (Call to Action) where I was basically saying to my potential clients. “let’s chat” and giving them the access to my next step: the Client Acquisition Funnel (CAF). This is where basically I was collecting some information and having the appointment with them to close the deal on the phone, zoom or skype call.


Client Acquisition Funnel


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Follow Up Sequence


It's really important to move quickly here. Having someone register for a conversation is one thing. Getting someone to commit to a date and time is another. I wanted a personal touch in this process (it being my first). So, I asked my VA to own the follow-up process. Here is the exact process I followed:


Gave my VA very clear instructions. This is where she really made me look good. My VA and I discussed how follow-up should work and she was off to the races! Her role in this process was to a) be a human touchpoint b) schedule their free consultation. The process worked like this:


  1. Call first and leave a voicemail message if necessary

  2. Send an email to follow-up voicemail

  3. Handle the appointment when they call back or

  4. Follow-up with a 2nd email and then handle the appointment

  5. Follow-up with a 3rd email including a quick link for the appointment





Here is what happened in the end as a result of my campaign:


  • Total cost of advertising: $2,500

  • Time period: 30 days (The majority of the traffic came in the first two days, the remainder of the month was significantly less)

  • Traffic: 717 unique visitors (number of unique people who saw the Webinar)

  • Leads: 86 (12% of the vistors registered on the CAF, therefore becoming a lead.)

  • Consultations: 34 (40% of the leads actually scheduled a consultation)

  • Clients: 4 (11% of the free consultations became clients)

  • Sales: $20,000 My Hands on services are $5000 Each


Wait, no fireworks? No dancing dolphins? No money falling from the sky Where are all of the BIG sales Alzay?


Let's break it all down. Here is what I learned and how you can be better than me.


9 Lessons Learned and Improvements


Learn #1 Make your money back.                     

Learn #2 "Free consultation frustration" is REAL.                     

Learn #3 This kind of campaign creates time constraints.                 

Learn #4 I needed more productized services.                     

Learn #5 Use content to be ruthlessly clear during the funnel.                 

Learn #6 Too many of my prospects didn't have existing marketing budgets.

Learn #7 I really DO want to help people, but I must do it differently.             

Learn #8 I found a conflict between my price and my value.

Learn #9 I was trying to get $10,000 level results from clients who were only prepared for $2,500 level results.                     


Final thoughts...drum roll please...

Could I have charged more? Sure.

Could I have closed more clients? Maybe.

Could I have made more money from this campaign? Looking back, I think so.



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