Messenger Bots, Do you need them?

Doresa Ibrahim      Monday, March 26, 2018

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Does your business really need messenger bots?  Well, let’s look at some of the buzz going around online.


Email open rate is at an all-time low; people are receiving so many freakin’ emails and Google is putting all my juicy emails in the promotion folder. Urg.


According to MailChimp, these are the current stats on email open rates. Right around 20% and click through rate less than 3%.  Here is some simple math: If I send 100 people an email, 20 people will open and one person will click on the link (the 3% is of the 20). Yikes!



On the other hand, businesses are seeing more than an 80% open rate and 40% click through rate with messenger bots.  These numbers are really conservative, but if we look at the same 100 people coming to our bot, 80 people will open and around 30 would click through.  


This is amazing. What is even more exciting, you add a challenge or contest and the percentages increase significantly. Here are some strategies I am using for my business: Facebook ad to messenger bot.  Then within the messenger asking if they would like to participate in a challenge.


Now what is neat is this could be the same challenge or course you were offering through email. Should you forget about capturing emails and move totally to bots?



Absolutely not!


But leverage both, send people to the bot, then capture the email and you can use both methods to communicate to your followers. Better yet, get their mailing address too and send them a personal note.  This will help build your brand and increase the likelihood of them staying with you.


If you want to see how bots can be used in different niches, stop by my Facebook page at @doresaibrahim and click on my welcome message. I look forward to introducing you to my bot, Josie.


Until next time.


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