Members, Referrals and Retention will Rise

Ken Rochon      Monday, October 16, 2017

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Many organizations are plagued with attrition. The focus on getting new members may become the mission, but not the solution. If the focus is on value for the members, then the member will not leave. Membership is an investment and any business person making this investment expects a return on the investment (ROI) in consideration of his or her time and other resources tied to the membership obligation.


There are several ways to increase value for members, that will make your organization or membership fee a no-brainer.


1.Anniversary celebrations for members who have renewed and are at 5 years, 10 years, etc. with awards, pins and other presents that make the member proud to share.


2. Books that are recommended can change the lives of your membership in abundance and fulfillment.


3. Community outreach will feed the members who want to make a difference but don’t know what to do.


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4. Connecting members with icebreaker comments like ‘I thought you both should connect and talk about working together because…’


5. Directories that have photos, and opt-in for email and mobile with rules of engagement for other members so spamming doesn’t become the problem.


6. Fun activities, challenges, and collaborative projects will go a long way to bring members together. Capturing these moments with photo and video and posting on the business page will market the organization in a very positive light.


7. Events that put members together with social proof photography that memorializes the event, the member, and the connections.


8. Praise members every chance you get!


9. Promotional items that are useful for members to use and remind them of the great organization they belong to.



10. Refer members to other members and to non-members. Referrals are the easiest way to monetize the membership and give justification for renewal.


11. Reviews are the proof the organization is delivering what they promise and the value is worth recommending. Even bad reviews are an opportunity to fix the problem and get a member to reconsider their assessment of the value.


12. Save members money with educating them on how to cut expenses. Have membership discounts to amusement parks, clubs, family activities, restaurants, wellness programs.


13. Smile! A member may not need a smile, but they will notice a frown and negativity. Smiling reminds members they are welcome, and loved. Keep Smiling!


14. Social media shout outs that share what the members superpower is and how they make a difference to their clients by solving problems and creating community.


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15. Survey your members for what they want to experience in their membership and implement it with them as a leader of that committee.


16. Website login and password to access members to communicate, connect and refer.


17. Workshops that educate members on how to get the most value for their membership and time they spend with the organization. This can be a live Facebook experience and video that is shared with those who are unable to attend.


Anchoring value to photos, videos, reviews will reinforce the proof that the expense for membership was a sound investment. Keeping clients/members happy is much cheaper than finding new clients/members.

Ken Rochon

Co-Founder of The Umbrella Syndicate


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