Marketing Starts with Mindset

Terri Levine      Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Entrepreneurs need to work on their mindsets as much as they need to work on their businesses. Whenever I begin with a new consulting client, I start working with them on inner game. They want to rush and get into activity and I slow them down and help them with their mindset or inner game first.


Successful entrepreneurs grow their mindsets following a simple 4 step process that I share with them. First, the entrepreneur must go into their business understanding that business is going to be cyclical and that their success is not going to happen in a straight path. There's going to be ups and downs and many detours and mistakes will be made.


My motto that I say to clients all the time is, “ find a way or make a way.” That means that success is the only option and you keep going with resiliency no matter what. Knowing that being an entrepreneur will have some bumps will allow you to be better prepared in your business.



Knowing that being an entrepreneur will have some bumps will allow you to be better prepared in your business. I was just chatting with a client during her consulting session and I was telling her about pausing and simply allowing.


She was so busy rushing from place to place and trying to get things done and was feeling a lot of stress from her business. I started her with my 4-step mindset process and slowed her down. Are you ready? Let's grow your mindset! The first step is to let go and let God. What do I mean by that?  


You can not and will not be in control of everything that happens in your business. You need to do the best you can.  Find the best people to assist you and help you, work with the best vendors, and then simply let go and trust in the universe, God, faith, or whatever you call your higher power.



The 2nd step is to always be curious.


Simply notice everything that being an entrepreneur is teaching you. There are so many things that you can learn each day about people and about experiences.  Staying focused and open to allow in learning and knowledge and to actually earn from your mistakes not just learn from them is a critical mindset shift.


The next step in the mindsets transformation for an entrepreneur is to trust your gut.


Being an entrepreneur has its risks for sure and successful entrepreneurs know this. Your gut, which is like a second brain, is very keen and very astute in helping you make decisions if you listen to it. I entered a business relationship not listening to everything my gut said and just following what my head said. It cost me a lot of time money and energy. I followed my gut and my heart and listened and then allowed it to guide me to a second business relationship and that has been fun and prosperous!


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The final step is to follow the concept of no hurry, no pause.


The Breema center has 9 principles of harmony. One of my favorites is referred to as no hurry, no pause. This simply means to be present in the moment, for the moment. Without hurry, without pause. This is how I believe you will find your rhythm as an entrepreneur. Then you will able you to go through your day to day movements and actions having the right mindset that allows you to have massive business success.


Follow this 4-step proven process and transform your mindset and your business!

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