Marketing Foundations: What You Need To Have Completed Before Hiring An Agency

Josh Jurkovich      Thursday, June 21, 2018

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In my couple of years servicing clients I’ve worked on some projects that have gone smoothly, and worked on some projects that have been a nightmare. I started thinking about what the difference was between the two.

The difference between the successful and disastrous was one thing: having a solid Marketing Strategy that I like to call the Marketing Foundation... A foundation that clearly explains who the target customer is, what the offer is to that target customer, why the offer is valuable, and how they plan to ascend that customer through the buying cycle and value ladder to eventually purchase high ticket items that provide tremendous value.

I’ve completely changed my business model to offer a two day intensive marketing foundations bootcamp prior to signing any type of retainer agreement with the business. This marketing foundations course will go through some key foundational assets that a business needs to have before ever worrying about writing a blog, doing social media, PPC, SEO, etc. Those are all simply tactics to reach a typically common goal which is growth. But… you can’t know which tactic is right in which scenario, if you don’t have the basic foundation in place….


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The Core Foundations:


  • How The Internet Changed Everything

“People don’t buy the way they used to, is your digital presence giving people what they want?”


  • What is Your Offer: Who is Your Customer?

“If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one, this will help define a niche for the core business offer and customer personas so we are creating the right content to deliver to the right person at the right time.”


  • What is Your Offer: The Buyers’ Journeys
    “The buyer's journey needs to be mapped out. How does a prospect go from first being aware of their problem and your product/service, to becoming a customer or evangelist? Have you mapped this out?”


  • Your Sales Process
    “Does your sales process match the way people buy? If not, it needs to or there will be some disconnect. Legacy sales still works, but not as well as it should and it doesn’t provide our customers or prospects the value or experience that they deserve.”


  • Brand Story
    How do you tell your brand story? Why you exist? How do you help people? This will be the basis for all the copywriting a business does, from Facebook ads, to Google Adwords, to ebooks, to blogs. This will be the main story we are telling. People don’t respond to logic, they respond to feelings, and the best way to elicit feelings is through storytelling.



Your Funnel (business Model)


  • Give Them What They Want
    “You know what questions your prospects are asking→ Answer them!”

  • Provide Value-FREE
    Always give more than you receive. Help more people succeed, for FREE, and others will pay you for the same advice.

  • Value Ladder/Ascension
    You can’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. Most high ticket items will require a customer to “ascend” to the high ticket item where you provide more and more value for more money which ends up taking more of your time.


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Building the Process:


  • Optimize Your Process to Scale
    Once you have a foundation, you need to have a process, and a process that will scale. How do we build out business processes that can scale the outreach at the front level of the funnel and make sure delivery and fulfillment of the services happens the same way every single time and truly wow’s the customer?

  • Automate Everything
    We need to be using technology to our advantage. There are hundreds of thousands of tools available to make our lives easier. If it’s slow and repetitive, chances are someone has found a way to take a task you used to have to do yourself, and allow a computer and technology to automate it.

  • Outsource What Your Can
    With proper systems, project management software, and automation tools, it’s then much easier to outsource and assign tasks to freelancers and Virtual Assistants. Without process, outsourcing is a nightmare. Without automation, outsourcing can also be a nightmare.



We’ve built a foundation, showed you how to develop a business model that will scale, then given you tips on how to optimize your process, automate everything, and outsource what you can’t. With this, you can truly find freedom from your business and get away from being an employee of the business.


I am in the process of writing a book and putting together a webinar presentation outlining what needs to be done at each step. Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning more about any of these core foundations!


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