Letter From The Publisher: Why My Business Card is Worth $25,000 and Yours is Worth -$0.25...

Hawk Mikado      Thursday, February 8, 2018

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Why My Business Card is Worth $25,000 and Yours is Worth -$0.25... Something I’ve taken for granted for so long… is something I’ve recently discovered is a universal problem…


I want to share a strategy with you, that has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales to me, and can for you as well. This is a simple strategy to implement, but unfortunately, far too many entrepreneurs overlook (and leave money on the table). 


I want to share with you the power of…. ….Your Business Cards!


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If you are like most entrepreneurs I know, you love to attend events. Training events, retreats, meet-up groups, and any social event where you will be surrounded by like-minded people. Attending events has been paramount to my success as a business owner, and it’s not just what happens AT the event.


It’s often times what happens AFTER the event is over - that determines my success. And it all starts with my business card strategy. Okay - so imagine yourself at the last event you were at: you’re having an amazing conversation, then you get a business card, and it goes in your pocket, you get home and it goes on your desk, it then sits there for weeks until you decide to put it in the drawer.


One day you’re cleaning out your drawer and you put the card in a box, the box finally gets full and you shove it under your bed (or in the back of the closet).



You say to yourself “I’ll deal with those later.” You’ve got the best intentions, but no solid plan. 10 years and 10,000 business cards later, and you’ve never done anything with them. Or if you’re in the top 20% of productive networkers, you might have connected with them on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.


And you might have even sent them an email or two. Bet let’s be honest: 99.99% of those business cards will never see the light of day and won’t turn into any kind of business opportunity. Truth? I get it. I’ve been there too.


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If you’ve ever had this problem then you’re probably wondering “How The F@&% Is A Business Card Worth $25,000, Hawk????”  Allow me to show you!


First I need you to agree to read this entire article because after I show you this secret I’m going to ask you to actually do something with the information. If you can’t commit stop reading now. Here’s how my business card is worth $25,000 to me! (Yours may be worth more or less, depending on what you sell).


I have 10 business cards and I meet 10 people who are genuinely interested in learning more about what I do, not just the schmoozer at a networking group who’s collecting business cards because they don’t know what else to do, but real “Prospects”



Now these prospects may buy, or may just refer, and they could potentially do both. If you’re an affiliate marketer, like me, they might start buying some of the products/services you promote on top of everything.


You meet these 10 people, and instead of just exchanging cards (which is what everyone else does) you do something profound and off the charts, and frankly dumfounding to most people: You book the appointment on the spot.


Get a meeting in your calendar with the other person to speak for 20 to 30 minutes to further explore what each other does and how to collaborate together. This might seem so simple yet 99.99% of people never do it!



Now here’s where the math comes in…10 people with my business card = 10 booked appointments (at a 3 day event I can walk away with 30 to 50 booked appointments in my calendar without giving out additional cards.)


1 Person never shows

3 People just aren’t a fit (but I refer all 3 to affiliate products I have and make money anyways)

3 people are interested BUT aren’t ready “yet” (Affiliate offers & A La Cart Services)

2 People Say “Yes” and need to find the money (Smaller project and commissions)

1 Person Says “Yes” and actually does find the money ($150,000 + Affiliate commissions)


I told each of them we have a referral program and as a result I got another 10 leads out of it. Those 10 leads could turn into another $100,000 to $150,000.



So let’s add this up... $150,000 + $100,000 (+ Affiliate commissions) = $250,000. Remember that I only gave out 10 business cards! Now if you don’t have a $150,000 offer, maybe it’s only $15,000 for the year or even just $1,500 your business card is worth $2,500 or $250. Either way it’s a lot better than $0.25 that you’re paying for it right now.


3 Action Steps You Can Do At Your Next Networking Event to Stop Handing Business Cards Out Like Candy:


1) Every time you’re about to give your business card to someone, ask them to schedule a quick call to learn more about each other’s businesses. If they say “NO” don’t give them your business card (they’re just going to toss you in the box with everyone else).



2) Share this article with people who shove their business cards at you. They might think twice about it once they figure out that there’s more to business relationships then stabbing people with a card.


3) Now that you’re going to be rich, hire more people, especially a funnel builder so you can focus on your Genius. Learn more about how we can help you succeed with your Funnels at FunnelGenius.com/vip or provide you with a referral to someone who can support you in your growth.


Hawk Mikado is the Publisher of Funnel Magazine. To learn more about Hawk, what he does, and access his recent articles just click HERE.


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