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Hawk Mikado      Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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What do you do, to truly transform your clients life? What are you doing to make a difference that will have a lasting impact on them, their business, their family, those who surround them, the community? What is the true transformation that you deliver to your client, when they buy your products, your services, your programs?


They could have bought from your biggest competitor. They could have bought from one of your best partners. But they choose to buy from you, they choose to invest with you. They took their hard earned money and trusted you. Now, it’s your turn to return that trust. To deliver results and give them what they truly desire.


You want to support them in creating lasting impact, having the best life possible and help them create the freedom that they deserve. They have to be clear about the transformation you deliver. The first time I was at Funnel Hacking Live, Russell was on stage and he said,



“I wrote a book called DOTCOM SECRETS and it tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful. And then I created a training program that cost a thousand dollars. That tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful. It’s the exact same content as what’s in DOTCOM SECRETS. And then I created a 3 day live event, Funnel Hacking LIVE. That tells spells out the exact same secrets, and then I created a coaching program that allows you to work with me 1 on 1, or in a group session that tells out the exact same secrets. You can spend seven dollars and ninety five cents or you can spend twenty five thousand dollars. You get the same thing done. Now, if you’re one of my coaching clients, you already know that if you come to me and say, “I got a problem!” I’ll answer with, “Did you read chapter 3 or chapter 5? Whatever chapter it is on the book.” and if they haven’t read it, and implemented it, and gone through the entire process, then I tell them to go back and if still they have questions then they can come back to me and ask me”.


When I heard that from Russell, I knew he was clear on exactly what transformation he delivered to his clients. And with the evolution of his business, he now has Expert Secrets, a coaching program which teaches people how to go through the Expert Secrets program.


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The power of the transformation that you can provide to your clients comes to the clarity on who your client is, what the transformation they desire is, and how they need the support in order to feel the transformation. Some people can read a book and they can get transformation instantly (my wife is a lot like that). Because they actually implement what they read in the book. They’re other people who go through, they read the book, or buy the book and they put it in the shelf, and never do anything with it.


And they buy a training program, but never actually created their logins. So they come and invest at a really high level to work with a mentor 1 on 1, to get the exact same results. Because some people need 1 on 1 support. Other people, they’re looking for a group setting, or training program, that they can go through at their own pace. And other people are looking for a product, that is going to help them get the desired result.


You have to understand which clients are looking for which type of transformation, and understanding the result that you’re going to deliver inside that transformational vehicle is where you’ll see your success scale. Make sure that when designing your products, when you’re designing offers, you’re creating products, services and group programs. Because when you have all three, you can help transform the lives of every single one of your clients.


Based on the type of learning, knowledge, and transformation they’re looking for. Make sure you go back and read the first six articles in all of 2017 where we cover each part of the INVERT process. Even if one piece is missing the whole thing will collapse. Because you’re going to be able to get really powerful insights by doing so.



Thank you so much, and we hope that this magazine helps transform your life, your business, and your ability to succeed with funnels.


Looking forward to having you as  one of our members in 2018 and going forward. If you’re looking for something more than reading, you can go through to some of our training programs like the Live Launch Program, or Funnel Profits Live.


If you’re looking for coaching support, or 1 on 1 hands on support to actually build your funnels you can either go to hackthisfunnel.com or go to funnelgenius.com and get support there.