Letter From The Publisher: The Right Offer To Make

Hawk Mikado      Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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Now, so far we talked about making sure that you have the right impact on your audience. You know exactly who you talking to, the niche that you’re going after and you’re going to be marketing to. The next part is the vision and the values that you hold for your audience. So you can actually deliver a message that has meaning and is actually to resonate with them.


From there, marketing becomes easy and you’ll be able to know who, where and how to connect with them. Which is what we talked about in the last couple of series of these articles. Now, we’re talking about making the right offer. In order to make the right offer, you need to ask your customers. That is really, really important.



You have to ask your customers, what it is that they truly want. What is it that they’re looking for? This year we offered Funnel Magazine with digital access, if you purchased a print copy. And when we listened to our customers and we created a digital only option, our sales went through the roof. That was one of the things that we are able to do, which is really powerful.


If you haven’t gone through the funnel, check this out at funnelmagazine.com/2018 and you will get to see the process that we brought our customers through for 2018. This came as a result of listening to our customers. You’ll find out that some customers are going to be looking for a bigger solution than others, and at the same time some of them are just going to be looking at the bare bones.


When we sent out emails related to the year 2018 subscription we had a lot of people asking, “How do we get the print? I don’t want necessarily just one digital, I want the digital plus the print.” and we let them know that you can get the print, when you purchase the digital subscription.



And if you’re interested, you can get them later on we actually send out magazines to a quite number of people. The ability for them to get just prints, that came from listening to our customers. So when you are creating an offer for your customer, you have to make sure that you’re connecting with them, you are connecting with their ideal situation.


Where they are right now, what is going to solve their biggest problem? Because when you get on the phone, or on a sales call for instance, or you’re building a funnel and you’re recording a video, the offer that you have, your core offer, may not be the right offer for them. It may be too small, maybe it’s too much.


So make sure that you have options in place, where you can actually invite them to either jump on a call, or to purchase something larger, or purchase something less. That way, you can connect with their exact need, you can support them. Once you actually given them that product, it’s time to transform their lives and we will be talking about that in 2018! So guess what?


Here’s my open loop to you, go subscribe to Funnel Magazine. Make sure that you read the 2018 final article of this series. So you can get the whole picture. We’ll see you there!


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