Letter From The Publisher: Don't Mistake My Hustle for My Shark

Hawk Mikado      Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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I've learned a lot over the years - by failing over and over. As a result, I’ve built massive confidence and certainty in everything that I do. People sometimes mistake my hustle as me being a shark. One of the biggest things I discovered is that, because of what they're experiencing in their own life and where they're at in their own business, they “see my hustle as my shark”.

Now I want to be very, very clear. Every single person has a whale; they have a huge heart. They have a cause they care about, and people they love. They also have a dolphin, so they like to have fun and create an environment where they can really enjoy their lifestyle. And they have a shark. Which means they get shit done and they are relentless at doing it. 

There's a difference between a shark and a hustler. A hustler is somebody who takes their love, passion, fun, playfulness, and drive and combine it all together to create a massive shift in the world. They're here to change people's lives. They're here to truly design a lifestyle for themselves, for their community, for their people. 

A lot of people on the outside looking in interpret the hustle as, "You're just here to take whatever you need," and they fail to see the hustler’s high level of passion and confidence as a bona fide commitment to their community. They look at the hustle and they think, "You're doing something that threatens me." 


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For instance, I give away free funnels all the time. I've gotten messages saying, "Hey, man. You giving away free funnels basically takes business away from me." Well, you know what? I have the experience and understanding to recognize that if I give a funnel away for free, I get a name, phone number, and email in return which is way more valuable than a couple hundred bucks for something that really doesn't take all that much time, money, or energy. 

On the flip side, you know that we like to have fun; that we go and take time off; that we are really just here to care and love and support people. Some people see that as a weakness. Some people see that as not being willing to charge what you're worth. You're not willing to do the things you need to do. “You know what? You need to be charging for that” or “you should be creating a product around that”, when it may not be something that I want to charge for. It may not be something that I feel needs to be charged for because what I charge for is my value. What most other people charge for are the products they create to deliver value.

The products are easy. The service, the transformation, the delivery, that's what really changes people's lives. I can give away something that somebody just starting out would charge for. We give away funnels all the time. These are funnel templates, so not a fully done for you funnel. We give away the templates all the time. Somebody who's just starting out would charge for that.

While I completely understand and respect the need to earn an income by charging for the ability to deliver a template, what we find is that it's not the funnel that costs the money. It's not the funnel that requires someone to pay us, because the template itself - the sequence of pages, the funnel hacks - that's the easy thing. That's the simple part. It's the thing that takes the most time, but it's the thing that takes the least amount of effort. 



When you focus instead on delivering the transformation... transformation can come in an hour, when you prepare for the ten hours leading up to it. You can design a funnel and have it fully built out, but it's the creativity and innovation that goes into it that’s the key. Everything that comes before and after the build. All of the little tweaks, the understanding, the psychology, the messaging, the passion, the love, the creativity, the innovation, the excellence, the transformation, the impact. That's what makes your funnel good. That's what makes your services good, your products good. It’s creating and designing something that truly transforms people's lives.

When you focus on that, when you focus on creating and building your business around true transformation, true impact, then even when you are absolutely 100% focused on that and you're not charging for the couple of things that lead up to it, you're going to make a bigger impact. And bigger impact means bigger income. 

A tagline of mine, so to speak is, “Your income, positive or negative, in your bank account is directly related to the positive or negative impact you're making on the world.”

I'm seeing this happen more and more. The big companies that are making a negative impact on the world are losing market share. The big companies that are making a positive impact in the world are getting increased market share; which means increase in their bank accounts. Knowing and caring and focusing on making that impact is more important 100% of the time than focusing on the income. 


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Of course, income is extremely important. We know that. You need to have income so you can support and love and care, because if you're stressed about making money then you're not going to be there for your community the way you should be. So make sure you are getting paid what you're worth. 

We're able to consistently and effortlessly grow our list, and consistently and effortlessly grow our income, because of the people that we're impacting, the community that we're building. They're able to genuinely connect and recognize our expertise in the marketplace in a way that wouldn't have been possible before.

Also, they're able to start to develop their own businesses, their own brands, their own level of engagement in the marketplace, and be seen as the experts that they are. Because we work with leaders. We work with experts who are here to transform people's lives. People who are hustling. People who are leading. People who are creating massive shifts in the world. 

If somebody is not interested in being part of your world, then let them go. One of the most impactful messages that we heard at Funnel Hacking Live was from Garrett White. He shared that if you're here on this planet to make an impact then don't try to save customers, because trying to save them is not going to help you make the impact you want to make. People who need saving and people who want saving are not going to make the changes required of them because they expect you to make the changes in them. When you’re the one expected to make those changes in them, for them, they'll never move the needle forward. They'll never do what it takes to make the shifts and changes they need to make.

As you continue to develop and grow your company, you're going to start to design your life and your business in a way that has a massive impact on the world.

More and more people will be eager to share your message because it's part of their message. When you're 100% certain in your values, when you know exactly what you're here to do, when you know exactly why you're here to do it, then and only then are you able to do it and make the shifts that you want to make.

A lot of people get started and build a following, a funnel, and a business. But they don’t go on to take that following and help them through their journey - pushing, inviting, navigating. When you take someone by the hand and help them achieve a transformation, they're going to see your hustle, and they're going to respect it, and they're going to love it.



Don't try to save people. Support the people who are here to make actual shifts in the world. That's one of the biggest keys. I really want to hit that home. Stop trying to please everybody.

Make sure that when you're impacting people's lives, that you're doing it in a way that transforms their lives. Know that your hustle, your conviction, and your impact are geared toward creating those shifts. 

At that point you're going to be able to grow your community. You're going to be able to grow your income. You're going to be able to truly get the respect you deserve and be seen as the expert that you are. You're going to be able to have a company that's growing consistently. You're going to be able to have a community that recognizes the impact you're making, and you're going to be able to go and travel, have fun, and explore.

Everybody has a shark in them but that doesn't mean they have to be obnoxious or treat others like prey. You have that shark in you too. So be aware if/when your shark is showing up versus your hustle, because when you hustle you're going to make more of an impact than when your shark is in control. Just know that when somebody else is using their shark, sometimes you've got to bite back. 


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