Letter from the Publisher

Hawk Mikado      Thursday, November 2, 2017

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When I was a kid in 2nd grade, I got a A+ on a test. My dad and I were at the store and he said I could buy anything I wanted in the store and he handed me a $5 bill… back then $5 went a lot farther (about $20 in today’s terms) so I went around and searched, and searched, and searched … looking at everything I could buy. Someone in the store recommended I get “Organic Natural Dried Mango” … I tried a little piece and OMG!!! It was like a party in my mouth… I fell in love with Dried Mango.


So I got a 1 Pound of bag of Dried Mango!!! We go to check out and I put it at the front of the line so I could start to eat it… As we’re checking out I’m munching away… and away… and away … next thing I know I’m about 1/2 way through the bag… and I couldn’t stop… Oh how good it was!


We put all of the groceries in the cart and start to head out to the car… and my dad puts all the groceries in the car … while I continue to devour the bag of dried mango …


I polished off the entire pound of dried mango… I ask my dad “Can I get some more”


My dad looks at me, and looks at the bag, and looks back at me and says “If you’re going to eat it like that, you have to pay for it yourself” … And that was the spark of inspiration! I needed to figure out how to buy mango!


That night I was up trying to figure out how to provide value to the world and get paid for it … I realized that we recently learned how to make Origami balloons in school and everyone I showed was so impressed. I decided to go around and sell them for 25¢.


The next day in school I created a bunch of them, all different sizes, and different colors …  my first business was born.


I would make them at the end of the day in school, and on my walk home I would go up to people as ask “would you like to buy one? they’re only 25¢ … I did that for a year before something incredible happened.


I walked up to a couple and asked them “Hi, would you like to buy one, they’re only 25¢” The man said “sorry, I don’t have any change, do you have change for $1?” … “No, I don’t, but I could give you 4 for $1” … He looked over at his wife and looked back at me … he said “That’s alright, I’ll just take 1 for $1”.


I Was Jumping for Joy inside! Now I could buy a bag of Mango with only 5 Sales (instead of 20) … my workload just got cut massively…


I gave the man his origami balloon and went on my way…


The very next person I saw, I asked “would you like to buy one, they’re only $1” she said “no"… and the next person I saw, I asked “would you like to buy one, they’re only $1” … and there was another “Yes”.


Don’t box yourself into a product or price just because “everyone else does it” … Be bold and succeed with e-Commerce!