Leadership As An Entrepreneur

Jodeen Bergstrom      Thursday, November 2, 2017

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Entrepreneurship comes with wearing many hats in the beginning.  You are the CEO, Accountant, Marketing Agency, Booking Agency, Secretary, Filming Crew, and even the Voice Over, the list can go on, and don’t forget the janitor.  But once you figure out your niche and let’s be real, when the money starts to come in, you get to “buy” your needed assistants.  Other people that can do things better than you.  It is known that insecure leaders do not like diversity.  This is where insecure leaders will do a great disservice to their team and themselves because they are uncomfortable with people who have different skill sets than they do.  It is hard for them to handle that someone else may be better than they are in an area of leadership.  What happens is they end up seeking only those who are only as good as they are, or weaker, in their leadership.  They end up with a broken wheel because they are not completing their leadership team.  


I can speak for myself that my leadership skills are insufficient if I want to accomplish my visions.  I understand I am going to have to loan out or partner with others who have better leadership skills and talents.   In the digital world we can see this with the help of Virtual Assistants.  With the help of technology now, we can hire team leaders to do things that you struggle with.  Maybe it is writing copy, designing a funnel, helping to grow on social media.  Whatever the strength you are lacking - you can hire it into your team.  


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Wise leaders will recruit teammates with diverse leadership abilities that can create a well rounded leadership team.  When this is done you can face challenges better because where you are weak, others will be strong.  And where you do not have influence, others will have different, stronger power of influence. When you have a diversified team, you bring talent and unique life experiences to the table. An array of gifted talent that will put your team into a balanced group that can achieve more and strive to be better.  


Let’s look at the ten leadership styles to develop a team:


1. Visionary leaders will energize the team and can see the big picture.


2. Directional leaders will point the way and lead the way to the best past.


3. Strategic leaders will evaluate the situation, gather resources and organize the journey.


4. Managing leaders will prioritize and create the people who will make it happen with efficiency



5. Motivational leaders believe strongly that people are the organization’s most valuable asset and will use primary influencers to drive performance.


6. Shepherding leaders have hearts that lead with an uplifting attitude that everyone loves to be around as they are easy to talk to and empathize with others.


7. Team-building leaders have strong relational skill that readily connect with teammates, who they like to compliment others on their achievements.


8. Entrepreneur leaders value possibility more than security, they are unafraid to fail, they’re resilient and bounce back and are self starters.


9.  Reengineering leaders love problems, they never settle for the status quo and constantly look for ways to upgrade and improve operations.


10. Bridge-building leaders love to negotiate as they network well and are inherent pragmatists that will move their team forward  


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Review the 10 styles of Leadership above.  Reflect on your top two leadership styles. Ask people close to you to what top two leadership styles.  Are they the same ones you feel are your leadership styles?  Do you see the same picture as they do?  Be honest and open to what you see and what they see.  Now you can see where finding team leaders that have styles that will complete your leadership areas that are weak or missing.  


I feel Mother Teresa expressed it best.  “I can do what you can’t do and you can do what I can’t do. Together we can do great things.”


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