Ingenious Leaders Leave Legacies

Jodeen Bergstrom      Saturday, December 16, 2017

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We all have greatness within ourselves.  Unfortunately only a small percentage will dig deep enough to find it, pull it out and use it. What are your going to do to leave your legacy? Who and how are you going to trust to carry out your wish if your times comes to leave this earthly land?  Give it some time and think deep on this.  


Neither you or I are guaranteed tomorrow. Be honest and yes I know it is not comfortable for most of us to talk or think about it - if you are true on growing your leadership and you want to leave a legacy to your loved ones and your heirs - you need to spend some time here and grow.


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I don’t own anything so I have nothing to worry about.


Ok, so you think you do not own anything.  May I ask you - do you have a checking account?  Maybe a savings account?  What about your vehicle?  And that winning jersey you always said your niece or nephew was going to receive?


Make a plan for the stuff you do have and if you will contribute to charity, your family, or museum leave your legacy. I’m too busy right now and doing a 6-week course …I just can’t think about legacy right now.


I know when you are hustling it and making it or trying to make it, you are BUSY. - I get that.



Do you think the 59 people that lost their lives in Las Vegas felt they had plenty of time?  I do not want to be disrespectful to any of those 59 previous lives.  Or the hundreds that are still living with the injuries from that night.  Everyone who attended that evening concert more than likely felt they had plenty of time to live out all of their lives desires and would get to the important things later.


What can we do?  We can grow our leadership and our Intentional living by creating a plan to ensure you leave this world with your legacy intact!  


Got Children?


Now if you have a child than I really want you to take note.  If you do not have it documented WHO you want to raise your children and both parents pass this could be trouble.




Know who you want to raise your kids (as parents/guardians) because they have a significant impact on the beliefs, habits, and choices you child will make, often for a lifetime.


In The End…


I know I love my loved ones enough to make sure I am giving them a peace of mind and allowing them to celebrate my life and grieve without any more undue stress.  I may have not always done everything correctly on the path of life. But by setting in motion plans after we are gone we ensure that our legacy lasts.


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