How Every Business Owner Can Increase Sales (... and it's NOT what you think!) Funnels 101

Tish Luka      Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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If you build it, they will come.  Many businesses get caught up in the idea that if they can just get their website up or make their website better, customers will come.


What is every marketer and business owner looking for?  Customers, traffic yes, but more importantly, they want sales.  They don’t care about “click through rates,” or how many leads come in, if they can’t make a sale.


Driving traffic to a website and closing a deal won’t happen by simply making the website look better or adding more plugins.   


                        Photo from https://MyFunnel.Link/cf


How can sales funnel help you?


Here it is: a funnel is a series of landing pages.  Landing pages are designed to lead your customer through easy steps to make a purchase.  These pages are tailored for each product, service or buyer.  

Funnels are designed to lead your customer through the exact pages online directing them, (with ease) through the sales cycle.


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Yep, that’s it.  


Funnels allow you to put products or services in front of the right audience at the right time, which means your audience only sees what you want them to see.


The concept of funnels is considered relatively new, so explaining exactly what funnels can do for a new client can be challenging.     


Russell Brunson, the Founder of Clickfunnels, recently published Expert Secrets (, an amazing book with valuable information on how Clickfunnels can benefit any business.  This link will get you a free copy.  I highly recommend reading it.


Clickfunnels is an alternative to standard websites, but what makes Clickfunnels the best alternative to websites and other page builders?


Let me explain.  After finishing two days of a nonstop Hackathon with a group of 25 soon to be Certified Clickfunnel Partners in Boise, Idaho, I saw first-hand all the new and creative ways funnels can work to change the future of your business in a speedy and efficient way.  If your business has a product to sell or needs an increase in revenue, then you should be using Clickfunnels (https://MyFunnel.Link/cf).



Here’s access to a free trial.


How many and what types of sales funnels are available?


There are 7 types of funnels:


•    Optin Funnel

•    Sales Funnel

•    Webinar Funnel

•    Auto Webinar Funnel

•    Product Launch Funnel

•    Membership Funnel (login page and member area)

•    Upsell Funnel


Each type of funnel allows you to make it your own.  You can add video, pictures, multiple steps, upsells, one-time offers, and even down-sells.  You can clone funnels and pages.  You can also create two different pages on the same step to test which one performs better.


With Clickfunnels, you get sample templates to use on each page to get you started.  You can edit the template to fit your style or start from scratch, if you prefer to build your own.  Landing page tools include, drag and drop functions and/or CSS and HTML.


Clickfunnels also includes tools: Actionetics and Backpack.


Here’s what they do:





An advanced segmentation tool that allows you to set-up custom rules for your subscribers.  This is where your optins are stored. You can sort your lists based on whether someone has purchased a specific product or not and you can have different lists for different products.  Another bonus to using Actionetics is the ability to set up a rule so that a subscriber doesn’t receive a second “welcome” email, if they have been indoctrinated.  It also allows you to know what the subscriber purchased and what to send them.  And there’s more.


Below is a picture of the dashboard within Actionetics:







An affiliate manager tool within Clickfunnels that lets you create different affiliate types, commission plans, manually add affiliates, manage and even pay affiliates. You can create sales funnels within Clickfunnels and connect them to your affiliate partners to promote your product or service. Backpack will automatically track the sales.


Clickfunnels has everything you need to increase sales!


It is so easy for customers to get distracted online, especially if they are inundated with new applications. Having the ability to do everything within Clickfunnels makes it easier to manage your customer base, eliminates distraction and get’s the customer to the sale.  This is why I love it and you will too.  


While spending those few days in Boise, I met the Clickfunnels team of experts and had the unique opportunity to see all the businesses showcased in the 2 Comma Club.  The 2 Comma Club (plaque is shown below) are companies or individuals that have used Clickfunnels to make their first million or more.



So, what are you waiting for?  If you want your business to get to a new level with an increase in sales, try Clickfunnels today!


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