Here are 9 Ways I've Made ClickFunnels FREE from Day One

Hawk Mikado      Monday, April 15, 2019

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#1 - If you've ever built a funnel on any other platform you'll find that clickfunnels takes about 1/3 to 1/5 of the time to build the same exact thing... The average funnel (from A to Z) takes about 3 to 5 Hours in ClickFunnels, and 10 to 25 in any other platform (especially wordpress) - Your time is valuable even at $50 per hour it's free for the first 6 to 12 months...

#2 - As soon as I moved my funnels over to clickfunnels they instantly started to convert at 2x to 3x what they did before... and we replicated the exact funnel, so nothing changed... that right there is worth more than $297/mo

#3 - When you follow exactly what Russell Brunson says and drive real traffic (100 clicks per day MINIMUM) your email list will grow at a rate of about 1,000 to 2,000 per month EASY... That means after 6 months you'll have between 6k and 12k email list... ClickFunnels includes Email marketing, affiliate marketing, membership sites, SMS, and integrations to send out Direct Mail and ship physical products... When we were using LeadPages (one of the cheapest on the market at the time) and Infusionsoft ... PLUS All of the extra integrations we had to buy... it cost us $500 per MONTH and we had a tiny email list at the time... Just the savings alone are worth the $297/mo



#4 The Bump Upsell ... Until recently there weren't any other platforms that offered this... This ONE Thing has made us more money than ANY OTHER Component in our funnels... if you're driving 100 clicks per day you can easily make an extra $300 per day in bump upsells! Totally worth the $297/mo

#5 The OTO ... Again Until recently NO OTHER PLATFORM DID THIS! Most platforms they have to put their card in again and again and again... This will make you more than $297/mo

#6 ClickFunnels has more training videos that walk you step by step through exactly what you need to do, and there are more templates than any other platform ... You can literally plug and play your product... while your funnel won't look original or even great it will convert 100x better than your website will.... Totally worth $297/mo

#7 - Then there's the Affiliate Program ... This is by far my favorite - from the very first day of getting clickfunnels I purchased the $997 offer for 6 months... and after I fell in love I shared it with a few people... the same $997 for 6 months... I got paid $400 from each of them, AND then monthly on going after their 6 months...



#8 Funnel Builder Secrets includes a software called Funnel Scripts... this will do 90% of your copywriting for you... i turned around and sold a bunch of sales letters and email sequences for $30,000 just using Funnel Scripts... that paid for 10 years of ClickFunnels for me... even if you just sold this for $3k

#9 the community is so supportive its saved me more than $297/mo

Now ClickFunnels Pays for my house, my car, my food, it literally takes care of my family such that I retired at 28 years told... My family is financially secure because of the recurring clickfunnels commissions... I was smart and set this up to go directly into an account that all my bills are automatically paid from, so I never have to worry about being able to "live" again...

I'm sure there are more than these 9, but these are the things that have made me so loyal to ClickFunnels....

At the end of the day, if you have a real business (online or offline) and you sell more than a few units per month or offer services at a respectable price, Clickfunnels is FREE!

Go to for 6 months of ClickFunnels for FREE


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