Hacking Commandments Help me to Unlock $6287,40 in 27 days on Builderall Business using the Epic 30 days Funnel

Charly Wigstrom      Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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What I’ve called the Romeo and Juliet Technic {Discover the Epic30days Funnel}


When you are building a funnel, Russell has said it many times in his training… Pioneers get arrows in their backs. Find a market that has successful products in it then find your own position in that market.


If you’re a marketer who’s growing your business by building landing pages and sales funnels in your niche, you’ll agree that being able to ‘funnel hack’ is a vital skill.

Wait. Did I hear you ask…. what ‘Funnel Hacking’ means?

Funnel Hacking [verb] – “to funnel hack”

The process of strategically investigating the sales and marketing process of your competitors, which you can use to model and test within your own sales & marketing processes. By taking advantage of the culture of hacking a Funnel and getting into the thick of your competitor’s processes, you can really see how successful they have been, and start to see similar results within your own business. While this won’t happen immediately, you’ll begin to see trends in what’s working and what’s not a lot faster than testing floating ideas from scratch.


The Most Simple and Profitable Funnel in my whole “LIFE”.....epic30days.com



How Everything start?

Covering the “5 Wining Pieces” (Research-Lead Magnet-Ads-Funnel and Sales) of Digital marketing we went in our Process performing the following tasks

Research about our Dream Customer and its Pain points!

The Majority of my Clients and Students trying to perform some sort of affiliate sales are suffering a similar problem which is lack of time because of their main business work, Lack of Funnel Promotion Ideas, Lack of Traffic sources and some sort of, what i call “overcomplicating things syndrome”…...Having all this in mind and since we knew their demographic details we decided to go with a “Done For you” Approach for our Epic30days Challenge.

Starting this way…

Disclaimer: Before you go for such initiative you need to be sure you really know what to do..

We have started with a very bold objective

“ This is going to be EPIC 

We have had a CRAZY idea...that could make a lot of people a LOT of money!

Imagine if We could MAKE 1000 people earn at least $1000 per month in passive income.

I don't mean show them or teach them...

I mean GIVE them the EXACT methods/ funnels/ traffic/email sequences/bots strategies/Facebook Ads Secrets sources that We are ACTUALLY using to earn over $12,000 per month in Passive Income.

So nothing is left to chance....

Well that's EXACTLY what We are going to do!

We've set ourselves a MASSIVE challenge and We’ve been working hard behind to scenes to make sure I pull it off.

So if you're interested in signing up for this FREE, unique and groundbreaking opportunity...


JUST Secure your spot >>> 




We have tested three different options, however the best convertion is comng from same video on Facebook Ads as in the landing page, therefore people already understand what we are going to achieve in advance and join immediatelly.

Addition: instead using normal Option button we decided to go with a Messenger Bot optin and instead havinf email sequence we are taking onboarders through a bot sequence adding some extra value on this journey.

Simple Headline, Straight forward message and very low number of friction points (potential onboarder clicks and actions)

There were a lot of missteps that could have been avoided. And we should have begun with the mindset of building an agency so valuable that someone would want to buy it.

So how do we reverse engineer success? I break it into 3 essential tasks.

1. Find Great People

The 3 types of people who will help you grow your business are…

  1. Mentors
  2. Referrers
  3. And your team


These are the people who will help you grow your business: co-founders, contractors, and employees.

These 3 groups are the people you need to invest in.But don’t overdo it.

You can run a lean operation of just 3-5 employees, then use strategic partnerships and contractors to get specific tasks done. This gives you a good margin and forces you to be disciplined.


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2. Productize Your Services. You need a Tripwire. Period.

Identify the thing that makes your offer unique. Sell that and nothing else.

Tell a story with your sales presentation. You need to be both prescriptive and descriptive, so people walk away knowing who you are and what you do and how you differ from everyone else.

For us, the story is about “Helping people to get their first $1000/Mo on passive income Dollars in 30 days”. It will be something else for your brand.

Make it easy for your comers to sell themselves by positioning themselves on the grid of your offerings.

Then make it easy (and fun) to get started with your Epic30days.

When our Tripwire was a seminar or a happy hour, it wasn’t as successful. When we set up our first “Let’s go and Do it”, we had double the prospects we anticipated.

For us, this worked well because we spot the exact pain points and fits perfectly on our new joiners needs “Done for you” Product

3. Sell Your Products the Right Way


It’s important to evaluate your sales process as well as your offerings. Don’t just repackage a partner’s offerings. Contextualize them by fitting them into your brand. Tweak them to reflect your unique strengths.

Always keep in mind, if all you’re doing is selling products, anyone can do that. If you’re selling empathy or relationship, you’ll need more nuance. It’s not about your sales pitch alone but your ability to connect with your prospects.

True growth happens if you can get your prospects to sell—something I call “inception.” For this to happen, you need to develop a sales process that gets prospects to sell themselves







We’ve decided to go with 30 days mainly because of the “30 Days Money Back Guarantee” where even though we give everything to the comers to achieve their commissions, they might feel they cannot go ahead and stop, NOTHING HAPPEN. Actually our abandon rate is CERO!!!



GO FOR SIMPLE. Remember that perfection is the most dangerous enemy of something working well.

See you on epic30days.com


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