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Kate Mikado      Friday, May 18, 2018

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A triumphant man has once declared, ‘The only boundary that exists in life is the limitation a person fixed for himself. And, for as long as ‘hard work’ is present, nothing is impossible to be accomplished.’.


Grant Cardone, a widely known entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, believes that to be a successful person is to be a person who transform plans into high levels of actions, and a somebody who is willing to invest his time and energy, and all his efforts into something that might not yet create good results today but, can absolutely produce unlimited success tomorrow.


“Do you want to have a happy and fulfilled kind of life?”,

“Do you want to have a stable job, wherein you can also live for your passion?”,

“Do you wish to marry someday and have a beautiful and healthy family?”,

“How about to travel around the world, make a billion bucks, and have a fancy vacation anytime?”


Well, if you do, you have to ask these questions to yourself first:

“Do you work your best in order to make all these things happen?”,

“Do you persistently do whatever it takes to reach your dreams?”,

“Do you not quit and give up easily no matter how difficult it gets sometimes?”.

You should think about it thoroughly because your answers will only depend upon you, and your future will only depend upon your answers.


See, every individual lives with enormous goals and ambitions in life but the problem is that not everyone is determined to strive, risk and commit 100% to make those ambitions come alive.


Yes, it is an undeniable fact that attaining life goals and tracking success can be a very tough journey, but that’s exactly the point, nothing worthwhile is ever easy, right?

Besides, a life adventure is, normally, incomplete without obstacles and struggles, including those experiences that nobody would ever want.


Ask his opinion and he’d rather scream to your face, “You need to be tough and you need to approach every circumstance with a ‘whatever-it-takes’ mentality or else you will end up regretting that you should have gotten the life you wanted if you only had performed at your best!”.

In his interview on the greatness podcast, he confronted that he would rather hurt your feelings than to instruct you on some make-believe statements which will only lead you to being an average person who works less, and probably, achieves less!


Let me introduce you one of the most esteemed personalities in the world of business:
Grant Cardone, the host of Cardone Zone and the television series named Turnaround King, who has been known, worldwide, for his splendid reputation in sales, and for formulating an effective selling technique in the 21st century called Information Assisted Selling.


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Through his inventive idea, several companies in USA have been assisted on better handling various products that are directly purchased by the customers, with its suggested price ranges, both tangible and intangible sales.


This made him popular for being the ‘Entrepreneur of the 21st century’.


Fortunately, he was not only able to help several corporations such as Sprint, Aflac, and Toyota increase their sales, and many business aspirants to better understand Cardone’s sales approaches and philosophies, but he was also able to help fundraising for the non-profit organizations, like churches, and participated in different charities as well.


He has also expanded other numerous types of sales programs, and built many sales organizations that have benefited and are still benefiting hundreds and thousands of sales folks across the globe.


His advancement in sales, including sales management, selling systems, sales and business production, sales performance, sales books and sales projects encompass the fundamental essence of selling.  


While he is earning millions of dollars in retail stores, he has been focusing on marketing and real estate businesses.


In fact, he is the founder of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and Cardone Group.


He also shares his knowledge with industry leaders, managers, CEOs and businessmen on sales, money finance, business strategies and business expansion worldwide.

No wonder a lot of people love to admire Grant Cardone. He has accomplished so much in his life. But behind his convincing character, powerful personality, charisma, and his prowess, no one could ever tell that Grant has been keeping a little tragic story from his miserable past.


Let me take you back to the year 1968, when he was only a ten-year old boy who lost a father figure at an early age, when his dad died of a random heart attack.


He admitted that it was one of the most arduous battles of his life.

It was not really easy getting over the pain, especially because his father was a very big influence in his life.


Where do you think he got his passion in doing real estate business?

It is obviously, from his father, Curtis Louis Cardone.

Since the age of 15, his father started guiding him on the ins and outs of real estate.
Throughout his childhood, Grant and his father, have been into this kind of business.

He remembered visiting different property locations with his whole family and having some outdoor activities afterwards.


As time passed by, he had developed an interest in buying buildings.


Moreover, people often felt bad for him because they thought it was too early for his father to die. He must have mentored his son with those life lessons young Grant needed to learn about.

What people didn’t know was that his father had already taught him helpful things in just few years.

In his opinion, people should instead feel bad for him not only because he lost a father, and a mentor, but also, most importantly, he lost an example whom he could look up to, a motivator, and an inspiration.



Since his father passed away, he became angry at everything, including his own life.
Every single thing just turned out to be meaningless. And so, he grew up out of control and troubled.


When he was in high school, he had encountered serious problems with authority figures due to drug dependence and alcohol addiction. His mother casted him out of their own house when he began being a burden to society, and to everybody else.

Later on he lost his job and destroyed his first marriage which lasted for only 12 months. He lost his friends, too. He got depressed, bitter and resentful.


Everything got even worse by the time his older brother died when he was only 20 years old. It was another hit to his family and most significantly, to his life.

However,at the age of 22, he started making a little headway to try to change his life.
In 1981 he graduated from college with an accounting degree. He decided to grow and earn money intended for his future plans and investments.

After his graduation, he pursued automobile sales, instead of accounting. But at the age of 25, he went financially and emotionally bankrupt. His life went downhill and he lost his direction once more.

He got into bigger trouble. He got beaten up and he nearly lost his life. Also, his drug problems had advanced to the point where he really needed to go to a rehabilitation treatment facility.


Grant completed his treatment within 30 days and was finally cured, but unfortunately,  bad news arrived. One of his counselors told him that he was diagnosed with an addictive personality disorder. He was advised to give up all his aspirations for obtaining massive success. He was also told to just put his concentration on not using drugs and to full recovery or else he will surely go back for another therapy.

After Grant got out of the facility, he collected himself and reflected on the counselor's suggestions. He realized that he had wasted plenty of time in his life, and he would never waste any of it again. So, he didn’t listen to the advice and instead, he spent his life on trying to chase success.

Even then he knew he had potential and knew he had to hustle twice as much. He had done everything he could and whatever it had cost him, just to help himself climb at the top of the mountain.

He even moved to Chicago from Louisiana in order to work in a sales-training company. He then lived in Houston, Texas and next moved to La Jolla, California.

He also transferred his offices to different sites from California to Miami Beach. He shifted from one place to another, within about 12 years, for the sake of fulfilling his career growth.


After many years of hard labor and perseverance, he had finally healed and transformed into a better version of himself.

If you would ever compare the person he was before to the person he is now, you will also believe in miracles, like he does.


Today, he has been helping millions of people who are in the same dark pathways where he got stuck for more than 20 years.


And now, at the age of 60, he is already an established, responsible, encouraging, and enthusiastic man who’s enjoying his beautiful and happy life with his wife, Elena Lyons, and their 3 adorable children.


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Grant mentioned that there are 3 major roles in his life which continually changed him in a positive way, “The most important role for me as of now is being a father. The second is being a husband, and third, being a businessman.


He added, “I never forget to utilize a strategy, great work ethic, and my time wisely in every role that I play, most essentially, at being a 10X dad.


On the other side, he writes down articles and books in his spare time. His writing skills had, in fact, made him one of New York Times’ bestselling author, with his 4 awesome books: Sell and Be Sold, The Closer’s Survival Guide, If you’re Not First, You’re Last, and the 10X Rules.


Grant uses writing as a medium in helping people to go deeper in the world of business, to appreciate the lectures it gives and its significance to a person’s everyday life situation.


For instance, in his book 10X Rules, he was able to convince people to not be scared in setting targets that are 10X greater than what a person thinks he can achieve, and to take 10X greater steps and procedures on how to achieve these goals.


He explained that, “The worst thing an entrepreneur would do is not to set goals that are high enough to make himself crave for more hardships and more rewards. And, that taking actions that are even 10X harder is the only way to develop and nurture a person’s potential.”.


Furthermore, through his book, he was able to share the concept of overcommitting; his one true key on how to live a 10X life, wherein you strive 10X and you win 10X, and the one true key that made him become successful in his career.


He mentioned that overcommitting may be misinterpreted by many people as a negative thing at first, because they may think that it is way better to play safe, but it’s actually not.


Overcommitting is a great way to teach you how to persuade and control your life. It means directly biting on a chance before learning the offers, and massively acting towards it, figuring out the unexpected stuff later, and to accomplish what you signed up for. He assures us that paralysis analysis comes in whenever people waste too much time, trying to overthink every detail of the expected outcomes.


He said, “I started overcommitting once to enlarge my production across the board, and I eventually got used to the routine over time, although it was hard for me to give my 100% commitment to something I wasn’t sure if it will work or not.”


Grant Cardone added that he didn’t mind much about the failures while working at his best, or even thinking about the possibility of not making it to the top or the possibility of losing everything he had invested. His attitude was one of the things that ever mattered to him.


Moreover, he had realized that when it comes to all crucial things in life like money, motivation, creativity, health, energy, ideas and love, to put 100% into everything, as many times as you possibly can is a must. Because even if failure comes at multiple times, you can still keep putting 100% over and over again, and it would be much easier to stand up the next time you fall!


He remarked, “Since I have set the mentality of putting my 100% in everything that I do, I stayed ready all the time. It’s as if I can battle with any obstacle that is to come my way.”


One example of this is when he overcommitted himself by dropping the prices up to 99% in his online stores, although he was aware that this price drop was totally absurd.

He did this because he wanted his business tools to be available to his customers from different regions around the world, regardless of their financial capacity, so he courageously put the price at stake.



He said, “Although my colleagues and I encountered really big challenges and new problems at that time, we were still delighted because we knew that obstacles are the indication that we are striving and starving of achievements, and it was a good thing.


In his interview on a podcast, he was complimented for being a very positive and determined person but he contradicted, “Thank you but I am not actually a very positive person. I am rather hard on myself because I think good things just don’t pop out of the box; I have to work for the good outcomes. I need to push it, man! So, I have to work very, very hard because I think I just don’t get on the front page of a magazine that easy. It may only seem that I am confident and brave-looking all through the way, but I am not very positive like you think.”.


He also expressed, “However, I’ve got with me my supporter, my wife, who has been always present, rain or shine, just to help me push myself to grind 10X harder. She always believes in my capacity whatever happens, which eventually motivates me to work harder. She always makes me believe that I have and I need to push it forward although sometimes, it's just easier to be a negative-minded fella. And, I don’t know what’s with her but she can turn everything instantly okay. Elena’s got the magic. She’s got that one thing that makes every problem I faced seem to appear naturally bearable.”.


People may also wonder why did Grant Cardone chose to commit his 100% to sales and business. Aside from his father’s influence, what are the other reasons that convinced him to engage in this kind of world, knowing that it is a complex one?


Ironically, Grant Cardone had already got used to enjoying problems, discouragements and disappointments in his life, instead of complaining about it. He got used to intricate things, and loved to have toilsome experiences.

He said, “It may be funny or stupid for other people to think that putting yourself, somehow, at danger or at risk is a ridiculous idea. But for me, man, it means nothing if it’s not tough. No pain, no gain, right?”.


He also mentioned, “At 17, when I had my first sales-related job in a clothing store, I didn’t like that much. Honestly, I hated almost everything about my job but don’t get me wrong, I was good at it. I just hated talking to strangers every single day, and offering whatever I could do for them. And most especially, I hated being rejected by some of my customers after I had offered my service and everything. I hated being uncomfortable and speechless, most of the time, man! However, as time goes by, I learned that I don’t need to like sales itself. I don’t need to be comfortable with it. What’s most important is that sales and business strengthens my survival. It’s just a matter of doing even the things I felt so much awkward about. You know, I learned to love sales because it teaches me to keep on going, instead of quitting. I learned not to make excuses, but rather, to take actions that would even beat the ordinary.”.


Grant Cardone concluded that life is just like sales, in which everything you want to achieve is a commission. And, you won’t simply receive that commission, unless you go out of the 4 corners of your comfort zone and sell your skills to the world.


He said, “Reality check, no one is going to knock on your door and offer to make your dreams come true. It is you who will take responsibility of yourself. Remember, life is not a fairytale where you can make and remake some chapters and episodes any moment you want to. It’s neither like taking a magic pill wherein one day, when you wake up, everything bad suddenly disappeared, and everything in your life just turned into good stuff. I’m not going to be the person who will tell you that everything will be okay because obviously, nothing is okay if you will not step right up on the stage and create your own magic show, and attract the audience, and gain all the blessings yourself.”.


If you want to achieve something in your life, you have to act right now because you only have one lifetime in your hands! Your time here on Earth may be limited, but what you can do is boundless. The road may be dangerous, but there’s no such thing as dangerous when it comes to a person who is always ready to believe, fight, and achieve!


Grant Cardone believes that there’s only two things you can do in your life, it’s either you become obsessed with success or become content with achieving less.


Which one do you prefer?

You should think about it thoroughly because your answer will only depend upon you, and your future will only depend upon your answer.



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