Getting S.M.A.A.R.T. About Accountability

Jeff Klubeck      Monday, February 12, 2018

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I’ve been talking a lot about Accountability for years…and, all over the world lately.  Accountability is a concept or a “thing” I like to compare to driving, parenting, or having integrity: Everyone thinks themselves to be really good at it while easily accusing others of being really bad at it.


A point I have made painfully clear for my audiences recently is that while they THINK they know what Accountability is and while they THINK they themselves are “Accountable”…the truth is that very few of us REALLY know what Accountability is and even less of us know how to hold ourselves or others Accountable.


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Here are my Top 3 Tips to getting on the road to Accountability:


1. When you set goals, be S.M.A.A.R.T.– If you’re not crystal clear about your goals, it is harder to achieve them!  Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “if you have no destination, ANY road will take you there!”  So, Specific is very important, but you also want to make sure you set Measurable goals that are Achievable and Ambitious…


For totally motivating Reasons AND that include a Timeline of when you want to meet each goal.  For accountability, your goals really only need to be specific, measurable and time-bound…but a Coach will make sure you believe you can achieve the goals (achievable) and support you in any behavioral changes that make the goal “ambitious.”  I usually cover S.M.A.A.R.T. Goal Setting in great detail during the first Complimentary Coaching Session I give someone.



  • Make your goals even S.M.A.A.R.T.E.R.– When we evaluate the progress we are (or are NOT) making towards our goals, we are embracing the accountability that lets us make the tough decisions…to renew our faith in our strategy (if its not working “yet”)…to revise the strategy (if it simply isn’t working) or revise the goal itself (if we are ahead of schedule or doing better than we originally projected).  These are the decisions that successful people make all the time! Still, there are way too many business professionals that spend time creating specific goals, but once they start working on those goals, they forget to check in to make sure they’re on track. I get it, life gets busy, but reviewing progress needs to be business activity that receives just as much priority as say invoicing clients and prospecting for new leads.


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1.Tell someone as S.M.A.A.R.T. as YOU!– One benefit of having a business coach is that you always have someone to share your goals with. I realize that not everyone has a coach so if you don’t have one, share your goals with a friend, co-worker or family member.  JUST MAKE SURE you only share with someone who also sets and pursues goals!


If you share your ambitions with someone who has none, you can expect them to defend their egos by trashing your goals before they ever hunker down to create their own. Sometimes the simple act of telling someone what you will achieve and knowing they might ask you about it will motivate you to be more diligent in working toward the goal…just make sure you only share your goals with someone who themselves is a goal-setter or someone you know to be accountable in their own lives/careers.


There you have it!  Those are 3 simple tips I recommend following to get on the road to start keeping yourself and others Accountable.



For readers of Funnel Magazine who know Accountability will make a difference to your Team Building and bottom line, I have created a free download that teaches you skills on how to be and hold others Accountable. This program will teach you how to keep your clients, employees and team members Accountable, at the same level that a professional coach like myself would.


To Your Success!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.

Jeff Klubeck is the owner of  Get A Klu Inc. To learn more about Jeff, what he does, and access his recent article posts just click HERE.


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