Funnel Hacking Live- ClickFunnels Updates & Takeaways

Kim Doyal      Thursday, April 12, 2018

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It had been a few years since I had attended Funnel Hacking Live. I went to the first event in 2015 in Las Vegas, where there were a total of 600 people.

This one was a tad larger with a total attendance of 3000 people and a much bigger venue. Overall, the event was amazing.

It was fantastic to connect with people in person, network, and just get out from behind the computer for few days.

I’ve done a full recap of the event in a podcast episode and posted on my site, which you can read here, so wanted to go deeper into the new features from ClickFunnels and where the platform seems to be heading.

The features updates are more or less what I’m remembering since nothing official has been published and they haven’t sent out the slides for the attendees yet.

The features were announced during the “State of the Union” address from Russell, Todd, and a new partner, Ryan Montgomery.

I have to admit, this is probably one of my favorite sessions anytime I go to an event that is held by a tool/app I use (it’s fun to have something to look forward to).

I had a feeling the new features were going to be focused on Actionetics and I wasn’t wrong.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Actionetics, this is the email app within ClickFunnels.

Prior to this announcement, you could use Actionetics as your ESP (email service provider), but you had to connect it an email SMTP tool like SendGrid.

So technically Actionetics wasn’t an actual email service provider.


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Well, it is now.

If you’re using Actionetics, or were thinking about using it as your sole email service provider, it’s just gotten a whole lot easier to set up and use.

They now have built-in integration with SendGrid so you don’t have to worry about setting anything up yourself.

You can import your existing lists into Actionetics and do everything you need from one platform.

Personally I’m going to stick with ConvertKit for a while as the updates and system are rolled out.

I’ll need to keep ConvertKit for my SaaS and quite frankly, I really like the UI and ease of use.

If you’re on the plan for ClickFunnels without Actionetics you will have to upgrade your account to the $297 account, which I almost did at the event.

Between my ClickFunnels account and ConvertKit I’m already paying $200, but it wasn’t the email functionality that got me excited.

Actionetics also has its own built-in Messenger Chatbot for Facebook.

They rolled out what they’re calling Actionetics MD. The MD stands for multi-dimensional marketing.

Multi-Dimensional marketing takes communicating with people to a whole new level.

They introduced what they’re calling the “opt-in bump”, which allows someone to be added to a Messenger Chatbot sequence by ticking a box right underneath the opt-in form (much like you would check a box for terms of service or an upsell).

Once your new subscriber selects the opt-in bump you can let your chatbot sequence take over from there (this works in conjunction with the new option to opt-in with Facebook, as opposed to someone just opting in with their name and email address.

If they use Facebook, it’s more than likely a good email address).



And yes, you can build your chatbot sequence right inside Actionetics.

This excited me for the simple reason that I’ve got two ManyChat accounts for different brands and although they’re only $10 each.

I’m getting closer to the same price point as the full Actionetics MD product (and obviously as the list size grows for both email subscribers and Chatbot subscribers grows you’ll be paying more).

The Multi-Dimensional Marketing is all part of the new concept of the ‘Follow Up Funnel’ (I’m guessing we’ll see templates in ClickFunnels for this at some point as well).

This was all introduced as the Multi Dimensional Follow Up Funnel (say that 10 times fast).

The Follow Up Funnel has more options than just Messenger though. You can also opt-in to a ClickFunnels page with Facebook.

Here’s a list of the new features and announcements they made during the State of the Union sessions:

  • Facebook optin​
  • Optin bump with Facebook Messenger
  • Desktop push notifications (these can be triggered from a sequence)
  • With the integration of SendGrid, there is a higher deliverability rate
  • Push emails based on subscriber’s time zone (example: everyone gets the email at 8:00 AM on Day 2, as opposed to 8 AM in one time zone)
  • Clickbot optins: you can send a messenger that says “hey! Want my free thing?” If they click yes, it pre-populates the email address they use for Facebook and they simply have to click it
  • Funnel Messenger: Send messages out to specific pages with reminders or alerts
  • Top of the hour webinars
  • Android and Apple Pay
  • Countdown timer for quantity selling (ex: we only have 100 spots available, this will show in real time as the number decreases)
  • A new ClickFunnels App


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I’m sure I’m missing a handful of new features, but as you can see, there is a huge emphasis on the follow-up and communication with new subscribers. The options built within Actionetics MD are pretty powerful.

I haven’t upgraded yet but see this happening in the next couple of months.

I’m sure there were a lot of people that were in awe of the new feature rollouts (I was one of them), but the key thing to remember with features is it’s important to make sure you’re going to use them and have an understanding of how they work.

If you’re not currently do a good job of following up with a simple email sequence it doesn’t make much sense to jump into a huge suite of options that will only overwhelm you.

One of the many things Russell said to people was to ‘keep it simple’. He showed the primary opt-in funnel he uses and it works over and over again.

Get the basics working first, then when you have that converting, upgrade.

Overall, I’m really glad I went to Funnel Hacking Live this year. It will absolutely be something I attend each year, but probably for different reasons as my business continues to grow.

This year it was primarily about connecting in person with friends I only knew online, catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a few years, and establishing new friendships.

If you’re on the fence about going next year, don’t overthink it. It’s absolutely worth going. Just go with zero expectations.

Not because the CF team didn’t deliver (they absolutely did), but because you remove the pressure from yourself.

Hope to see you next year at FHL2019


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