For Those Who Hate Content Planning: You Are Doing It Wrong!

Juliette Stapleton      Thursday, January 17, 2019

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If you are anything like me, you know what having a "squirrel brain syndrome" is like.

You are focused, and you have your goal, and you know what you need to do, but then something exciting comes along and boom! your attention is gone and you are not in the flow anymore, battling a temporary "goal amnesia" and struggling to recall the plan you were so sure you had nailed in your mind, just seconds before it was all ripped away, like your most favourite, precious toy taken from you, and all you have left is NOTHINGNESS!!!

If this is you and it reminds you of your relationships with social media content planning, do not despair! You are not alone and I am going to share how I manage to stay on track with a simple and very clear example from my own online business.

First, I had a very clear idea about a new, awesome, free offer that I can create for my audience. The beauty was that I don't just give it away for free, I found the way to make sure this offer alone converts my leads into buyers there and then! How, is a subject for a different article, so keep an eye out in the upcoming issues, but for now I will talk about the plan that saved me from almost giving up and stopping halfway - all because of above mentioned "squirrel brain syndrome"!


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Coming up with the idea is an easy step, implementing it is what requires being in the flow for much longer. I had to record 8 masterclasses and I started so well, but by day 4 I hit the wall. Something distracted me and not only I lost the flow, I fell into the online marketer's worst trap: feeling like an impostor. Do you want to know what the masterclass I failed was about?

Ironically, the masterclass was on Planning.

I realised that although I do have a system that I follow, I am a very intuitive marketer and like being flexible, so very strict schedules do not excite me. Which means I stop following them very quickly. Which in the past meant procrastination, lack of effort put into achieving my goal and hence below mediocre results, if any!

So I lost my flow and that was really showing in the way I was presenting the topic in my masterclass. If I felt like I am telling porky pies, it would definitely feel the same to my audience, and they will NEVER trust me again to follow and let alone buy my programs... Honesty and integrity are my top values, so while I want to help people like me defeat and tame the "planning monster", I have to talk about my own struggles and frustrations openly.

My tip number one: when feeling out of flow, stop and step back. Go for a walk. Change your environment. I like going to the pool and doing 20-40 lengths. I noticed that for me after about 500m swimming my brain is reset and my thinking is crystal clear.

This is exactly what I did. I stopped my attempts, deleted everything I have recorded on this subject


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