Dynamic OTO and Smart Upsell’s Using Clickfunnels

Nathan Shearer      Monday, March 5, 2018

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How To Create A True “Smart Cart and Checkout” Using Clickfunnels


It’s true, here at Funnel Fix It, we love Clickfunnels.

Like, really love it.

It’s unbeatable when it comes to landing pages and sales funnels. You can build a 7-figure business model in less than an hour, many people have.


But there are some limitations, namely when it comes to physical products and acting like a “Storefront”.


One other notable “missing piece” is the ability to determine what a customer purchased on an order form, so you can tailor an upsell just to them.


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Imagine, being able to add the audiobook to your Free + Shipping Book Funnel, as an Order Form Bump offer – then if they don’t take that bump, then offer a “audiobook, workbook, and study guide kit” bundle on the OTO.


Wouldn’t make sense to offer that if they did take you up on the Order Bump huh?


Many of our clients have come to us with the infamous Dollar Beard Club #Funnelhack, wanting us to add custom codes and functionality to replicate, only to fall just shy of the goals many times, due to not being able to customise those last few upsells to the perfect offer.


Sure, you can use CF Cart Mode from Jaime over at CFProTools, the addition of which turns your funnel into an upsell monster, especially for multi-pack products, (gun oil anyone?).



But, it still comes up short on knowing how to get smart with the one time offers.


Until now.


Enter – Dynamic OTO

This has taken us months. Literally months of testing, tweaking, beg-borrow-and-stealing from all sorts of snippets we’ve come across, to cobble together a robust but easy to implement solution to this problem that has hindered many with their funnels.


We can now determine exactly what was purchased and show specific OTO products to different people.


How. Cool. Is. That?!


So, how does it work?


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There’s a share funnel we put together to show you it in action. There’s a standalone script inside the funnel you can add to your own funnel.

There’s also a walkthrough video showing exactly how to install it yourself.


Putting It All Together


It’s really a just 2 step process:


1. Your ORDER Page needs to “Capture The PID” – that just means, we are storing the Product ID that is unique to each product, that the customer purchases on your Order Form Page.


2. Then, we have a “Show Hide” function on the OTO Page that then will dynamically show specific sections, which you can put any product on, to the customer depending on which Product ID is stored.


Happy OTO’ing!!


-Nathan from Funnel Fix It


This article originally appeared on our blog at Blog.FunnelFixIt.com and is reprinted here with permission.

Nathan Shearer a brilliant marketer and funnel hacker. To learn more about Nathan just click HERE.


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