Does Funnel Design Matter?

Seth Greene      Friday, March 23, 2018

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Does Funnel Design Matter?


Click Funnels has made it so easy, even a caveman can build a marketing funnel. Just because you CAN make a funnel, doesn’t mean it will actually work and get you into the two comma club overnight. It’s not just having the funnel that matters. You need the right funnel, with the right copy, and the right traffic, with the right DESIGN. Let me show you what I mean:


This is the “funnel” one of our clients came to us with:


This is above the fold on the home page:


This is below the fold:

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This is the next scroll down:


And so on. As you can see, there is a TON of information on this page. That was the problem. We drove literally thousands of clicks for them, of the right target market, but they weren’t getting sales. We had them install a heat map on their website so we could quantify the problem. They were getting hudnreds of abonded carts! That means people wanted ot buy, but weren’t finishing the transaction.


See if you can spot why:


There’s a giant pop up that takes you AWAY from the cart!  It isn’t even an upsell! It has nothing to do with the hearing amplification product!

Here’s the analogy I used with them:

You own a retail clothing store.  A customer walks up the register with a $400 sweater.  He hands the clerk his credit card. Before the clerk can swipe it, you run over, grab it out of the clerks hand, tell the customer, “Don’t but that yet!  Come over here and get some coupons for groceries!” and then you drag them away from the register. We built them a new funnel, and a new cart, and now we are getting sales every day!


See if you can spot the differences:


Here’s the cart:


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