Creating Passive Income Online (Without Being in an MLM)

Hawk Mikado      Friday, February 3, 2017

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*"F#ck That, I won't be in a MLM. I told you if you tried to pitch me on your "biz opp" I'd walk away and wouldn't buy your product either. Next time you might want to listen..."*

This is an actual conversation I had with an MLMer who I specifically told I wanted to buy their product... but I didn't want to hear about their "opportunity" and if I did I would walk away without any product.

She lost over $5k in sales that day because she didn't listen. (which is only about $500 in commissions)



GREAT! Now that I have your attention, I personally love the idea of MLMs it's a great way to get started, a great way to get motivated, and a great way to get powerful training for a fraction of the cost... Because others have made those mistakes for you! I was even in ACN for a while...

There are Multiple ways to create Passive Income... when it comes to ways you can do that in Business it comes down to a few key things:

1. Market Someone Elses Product (Affilaite, JV, & MLM Marketing) 
      + Low Costs & Low Returns  
2. Create a Product Once and Sell it through an automated channel
      + Higher Costs and Higher Returns
3. Create a Product and have Others Sell it For You!!! 



Low Costs and Highest Returns

Now I do all 3! But My favorite by far is the last one... Which of course is also the hardest one, but once you have a machine running it's running!

Here's an Example, We created around 1,000 Funnel Page Templates and 200 Full Funnel Templates that we can sell, both in our Own Marketplace (#2) and in the ClickFunnels Marketplace (#3)
Plus because we're so well known for doing this... in our own marketplace we sell other peoples funnels (#1) and can make a bit of extra Cash from that.


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We created the Ultimate Asset. It pays us between $7 a day up to around $47 a day... Just from the ClickFunnels Marketplace alone.

Yesterday we made $31 from 3 sales ($17, $7, & $7) that's a fairly common day... And right now we only have 55 of those 1,000+ templates approved and selling in the marketplace. (BTW Thats $11,315/yr in PASSIVE Income)

In a few months with 500 pages in and 10x the number of sales we're going to be brining in over $100k per Year just From these Templates.


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